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Ramayan wars [iPhone games review]

I wanted to write a review (and I have) about the unique game called “Ramayan Wars- the ocean leap” on iTunes app store despite I posted it successfully, it disappears in air! How? So I’m posting it here where I control what to publish.
Ramayan Wars is a premium game with 3rd person 3D perspective and HD graphics available for Android and iOS devices (and works great on tablets)

First of all, this is not just a game. It’s more of telling a story and experiencing the ‘Ramayana’ and being part of it. After finishing the boss, when you enter into Lanka, you feel like you’re there with Hanuman. Great cinematography, HD graphics, and overall a good experience.
Although ‘the game’ is tough to finish but it’s well worth the time & efforts. It’s a 3rd person, 3D game where you play as Hanuman, Maruti and starts your journey from India the take the ocean’s leap to land of Lanka. The game has variety of levels and environments right from esophagus and intestine/abdomen of the demon to the beaches of India and Lanka. The difficulty level increases as you come closer to finishing the game and just like any other game this one has a technique to play which if you master, you’ll be able to kill the boss. Although the game lacks puzzles but as I said earlier it’s not just a game. If you want pure gaming, go buy other games for $8.
It’s a must buy game for anyone who wants to learn /tell the story of Ramayan. It’s good starting point for the Indian parents (especially NRIs) who want to introduce Ramayan to their kids. The game is set on SunderKand, when Hanuman realises his true enormous power, takes big leap across the Indian Ocean to land in the Lanka to deliver the Ram’s message to Sita. Oh! What a wonderful story of Ramayan I get goosebumps even while typing this. You can relate to it if you read the Ramayana. If you’ve not, here’s the good reference point to get you started .

These guys fool around on TV. You wont take’em seriously until you read their bio!

HOMP fame duo, Rocky and Mayur, the host of NDTV Goodtimes’ TV show “Highway on my Plate (aka HOMP)” have been running food and travel series and covered all corners of India. These guys fool around on TV, try some poor poetry, make fun and pull each others’ leg while traveling and eating at thela, dhaba, college canteens, and restaurants across the nation. Unlike other TV show anchors/models whose only skill is ‘looking good in front of camera’, the HOMP duo are smart and full of talent. You know this for sure when you see them on one of the TED (TEDx) videos.

And you wont take them seriously until you read their brief bio (below):

Introducing the Highwaymen

Mayur Sharma believes that life is about finding your special gift and sharing it with the world. He loves red wine, paneer, ice-cream, and gaajar halwa all of which taste best when shared with someone. An avid bookworm, wildlife enthusiast, passionate rock climber, and mountain trekker, Mayur is always ready to dive into anything for a laugh.


Mayur Sharma (left) and Rocky Singh

Mayur is based out of Delhi and the ‘out of Delhi’ is so true. He is an outdoor experiential educator and works with children and corporate clients in developing interpersonal relationships and productive group dynamics. An avid traveller Mayur has lived, worked, played, backpacked his way across over 65 countries in the past decade before returning home to the best food in the world. A keen sportsman he plays squash and enjoys rock climbing and high altitude trekking. Mayur has climbed Kilimanjaro and survived an unexpected swim in the Tsunami of 2004 but finds the adventures on the highways of India just as exciting.

Rocky Singh is 38 years old and married with two kids. After running a restaurant, gas distributorship, working with British Airways and finally heading a multinational as the CEO, Rocky retired in 2005. He is now an internationally certified consultant in HR and business process fields and works as the GM for a corporate training organisation. Rocky is a wild life enthusiast and an ornithologist (bird-man), scuba dive master, single handicap golfer and traveler. His passion is food and traveling. His mantra β€œThe difference between a wise man and a fool is that a wise man will learn, even from the fool.”
‘Make food not war’ is the mantra that drives Rocky Singh. His passion for Indian street food has taken him across the country and the world. He spent five years travelling through India’s amazing foodscape for pleasure and another four for Highway on my plate”. A junior national hokey player, state level boxer, and footballer, he now scubadives across the globe and indulges in his passion for street food and travel. He lives in Delhi with his wife , daughter, and son. He believes that life, like food is best when it’s shared. So pass around some and love and joy! He always comes back for seconds. πŸ™‚

Idea to Prototype In50Hrs

In50Hrs is a hackathon (sort of) sponsored by 10,000Start-ups, and a brainchild of @VijayAnands. it’s full weekend programme (2 days & 1 evening) where in fifty hours:

  1. (i) You propose your idea to the audience;
  2. (ii) Form a team;
  3. (iii) Fine-tune & Brainstorm;
  4. (iv) Work on building prototype
  5. (v) Present at the end of the show.

Unique & interesting indeed! I used to follow such entrepreneurship, startup, VC funding events/ news/ seminars before I started my web hosting/ web marketing agency. It’s been more than 5 years and these guys are as active as they were before.

In above interview Vijay talks about entrepreneurship journey and when to seek funding. He insists that you should not get funds for your first startup, (b/c you dont have the skill-sets or you’re over-leveraging yourself). Interestingly, I’ve been through a similar journey, as I made lil-bit of money to float here and now I’m on verge of building my 3rd startup (and eventually raising the funds …did not seek angel/VC funding for the first two). It’s a well thought plan and I may look for funding for this project. Before you reach that stage, In50hrs seems to be the perfect programme to validate your idea and try/test the prototype under the supervision of experts and get the feedback.
Some people say that he’s fake.
Do you have the ‘great idea’ that is lying around for months and years in your mind? And you’re not working on it because you dont get time or a good co-founder? Well enough excuses! If truly that’s the case, you should consider participating in in50hrs now!