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On your marks. Get set Go!

Vir Das, the comedian, actor in Bollywood has more active and less popular facet that you might not know. Perhaps he’s one of very few people in the film industry who are real, well versed & make sense.
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He’s pretty active on social media, so go, follow him!

I’m bit late posting his YouTube video on anxiety about the exam results but I think it’s timeless, so here you go!

Tumblr doesn't showcase SrBachchan blog

So the other day I thought to play around with Tumblr to learn about its services post acquisition. I signed up (from an Indian IP address), to create a new blog and found the place to be lonely. Tumblr offered me some blogs to follow, which I presume are popular. (Something very similar to twitter).
But, I didnt get what was the obvious. The Amitabh Bachchan’s blog is not featured in Tumblr’s suggestion engine. It should have been featured, not only because of his super-stardom celebrity status, but because he’s got a very popular blog. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most active blogger in India and the world. He’s been blogging regularly, everyday, posted more than 3000 articles for more than 6 years. On the next screen, upon deliberately searching for his blog by typing his name (yes, with spelling mistake, which most of us misspell Bacchan) I found no results. Surprisingly “NO RESULT” for ‘Amitabh Bacchan’. Shame on you, Tumblr!
Amitabh Bachchan, aka SrBachchan had to move from BiggAdda when it discontinued the blogging service. Tumblr ‘won’ Blog of Amitabh Bacchan and migrated old posts & images, when BiggAdda stopped its blogging service.
tumblr-sr-bacchan Tumblr should be grateful that Sr. Bachchan uses its platform for blogging, which otherwise is non-existent in India compared to prominent blogging platform, BlogSpot (& WordPress). Not only this gives free publicity and advertising to the Tumblr but also gives a strong message of recommendation as SrBachchan is using this blogging platform.
Recently, Mr. Bachchan clarified on blog about the 65 crore ‘gold-plated thali’ controversy. & I had a good laugh on how manipulates the stories to create a buzz.

Ramayan wars [iPhone games review]

I wanted to write a review (and I have) about the unique game called “Ramayan Wars- the ocean leap” on iTunes app store despite I posted it successfully, it disappears in air! How? So I’m posting it here where I control what to publish.
Ramayan Wars is a premium game with 3rd person 3D perspective and HD graphics available for Android and iOS devices (and works great on tablets)

First of all, this is not just a game like League of Legends. It’s more of telling a story and experiencing the ‘Ramayana’ and being part of it. After finishing the boss, when you enter into Lanka, you feel like you’re there with Hanuman. Great cinematography, HD graphics, and overall a good experience.
Although ‘the game’ is tough to finish but it’s well worth the time & efforts. It’s a 3rd person, 3D game where you play as Hanuman, Maruti and starts your journey from India the take the ocean’s leap to land of Lanka. The game has variety of levels and environments right from esophagus and intestine/abdomen of the demon to the beaches of India and Lanka. The difficulty level increases as you come closer to finishing the game and just like any other game this one has a technique to play which if you master, you’ll be able to kill the boss. Although the game lacks puzzles but as I said earlier it’s not just a game. If you want pure gaming, go buy other games for $8.
It’s a must buy game for anyone who wants to learn /tell the story of Ramayan. It’s good starting point for the Indian parents (especially NRIs) who want to introduce Ramayan to their kids that are sitting in strollers from baby-stroller reviews. The game is set on SunderKand, when Hanuman realises his true enormous power, takes big leap across the Indian Ocean to land in the Lanka to deliver the Ram’s message to Sita. Oh! What a wonderful story of Ramayan I get goosebumps even while typing this. You can relate to it if you read the Ramayana. If you’ve not, here’s the good reference point to get you started .