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Brief bio about me

In filling some form I was asked to write a brief bio about me…   I really liked what I’d written there. So I am sharing it here. I never wrote seriously about me anyways so here it goes….

Pranav juggles many roles at a time. He is engineer by profession and has setup a bootstrap startup engineering firm with his friends. While staying at village, believing in decentralisation philosophy, he looks after his retiring father’s fabrication workshop and agricultural farm.
He’s webmaster by hobby and blogs about GMAT and general stuff occasionally. His interest lies in social enterprises, government schemes/initiatives for social change, ^going green^, magazines and internet (& yes! web 2.0). In past time he designs/makes useful articles by re-using useless trash. follow him on twitter @johnycage

Man! am I getting self-obsessed? or have already become one? 😛

what's going on in my mind?

Current status? long time no see! yeah! I’ve made lots of ‘status update’ kind of posts after hibernating for months. But I guess it’s better than not posting at all, right?
So What’s going on in my mind? What’s up?
Well nothing much, I am kind of celebrating vacation/break in the Exceptional Villas. I was out for my cousin’s wedding & was at his place before the wedding for ~10 days after wedding there was a family get-together for 3 days at my native place. Therefore I was offline (without internet) for more than two weeks, although I was checking my mails on my mobile :P.
I have some business in New Delhi in coming weeks & I am planning to go for skiing at Himachal Pradesh & I’m (kind of) researching about it… so if you’re familiar with HP or been there-done skiing, ping me or feel free to comment below. While more thinking of it, I though why not take a 7-14 day full-fledge skiing course! I dont know whether I can afford that option or not (time wise & money wise… will see) but I’d at least do skiing this time for sure. I’ve been cancelling delaying it forever & now I dont think I’d let it go.
One more update, I’ve left BeatTheGMAT gang, yeah it’s sad thinking that I wont be there on btg with Eric & team but life goes on & we got to move on, right? (I guess I’ll have to edit my “about blog” am not associated with any GMAT study/ preparation forum any more.)  I’m currently working on an exciting startup & it’s gonna be real (yeah, you guessed it right it’s not some dotcom!) So stay tuned you’ll soon hear more about it. 2010 is going to be exciting.

Rural rant

I’m adding new flavour to my blog. A new category dedicated to my rural rants, life at countryside and philosophy.
I’m born and brought up in rural area of a third world country. And I still live in the same village that my great great grand father migrated and settled to.
People or living beings migrate for good. Most of the times they migrate because they see better prospects and better life than the one they’re currently living in. They say that those who migrate, progress in life. I want to question that belief. I want to try, and I want to prove that you can excel in life even living in rural area. Yes, I know many have proved that & I dont have to prove anything new, but I want to make it even solid. Your  location is irrelevant to achieve excellence. & by the way did you read “the world is flat” by Friedman? Anyways I think I’m going off the topic here.
So the point (and purpose) of this post is expect me talking about rural life some times. 🙂
see you.

building base mileage & confession

Before I could start training for marathon I should build a mileage base. Base assures you’ve enough stamina to try such heavy and long term training. In simple words, ‘building base‘ is your ability to jog/run for certain distance, say 3-4 kms at a stretch any given time.
Now let me tell you my background: I’m a regular guy; I’m not an athlete. I wished to and used to take part in sports in my school and college only when I could get through, which happened rarely. I grew up in rural area of the country which has more Adivasi population, Adivasi people are natural athlete hence used to represent our school in inter-school sports competitions. During 8, 9, 10th grade,  I was a cadet at NCC (National Cadet Corps) which helped me increase/build my stamina. Later in under-grad college, the only sports I could get through was football (soccer). In junior year I managed to become the captain of the class’ football team as well. I also did some heavy long treks and hikings during that period. Guess I was at my peak in terms of stamina. But it was before I crossed 20 😛 some 6-8 years ago!!
THINGS HAVE CHANGED, now.  My current status is not at all impressive, in fact it’s pathetic to core. I’m sure I’ll get cramps even if I throw a ball today. The other day my legs are paining as I slept awkwardly… that must be due to lack of blood supply that night, but surely I’ve lost it. I dont remember the last time I played any sports, I played badminton & table tennis last year in October for a week for local annual competition. As I mentioned in my profile, I’m living like a zombie these days. I’ve home-office setup and my system is placed in dining room itself; I use same chair for dining table just move it 180 degrees (ouch! am I that bad?…. I confessed 🙁 ) So that’s my story!! But on positive note: I run occasionally; I’m not that fat & my friends say I look fit, always.
And what matters most is I’ve decided to change things and change things fast. Body building is in cards but I’d build the base first. I’ve already started my base-building and jogging thing. Also doing dumbbells.
You guys support me; I’ll update this place on regular basis;  stay tuned and comment whenever possible.

Hello wordpress!

And look at this Mr. WordPress, has made a comment on my blog!! & they allow smilies too 😉 😀 boy! I am loving it.
Welcome Johny, welcome to the world of wordpress blogging. Although I had revealed my real name, Pranav Amrute I would still prefer to go by Johny Cage.
I am moving all my (blogspot) blogs to here. & it could take some time before I can announce about it to everyone. Also the parent site: amrute.me is under construction so give me some to time before I could start adding the content here regularly. I’ll create a separate page for GMAT books review & my recommendation. Also there are more articles coming in.
I know the site is not indexed in google so there’re next to nil chances of persons reading this, still I have to write this 😉
The new platform is going to be more interactive, be with me, comment, stay tuned you’ll never regret.

Migration to new GMAT site

I have been thinking of having my own personal web site & having this (& my other blogs) hosted there. & this month I might move this blog to personal site. 

Earlier I thought migrating would be coping & pasting all my articles to new blog (yes I am thinking of chucking blogger.com & going for wordpress ) But thankgod its not that terrrible I just have to link it with blogger give some authentication thats it. & blog is moved. 
By the month end I would be able to create all new site. The new site would be more interactive & active. Perhaps my migrating thoughts stopped me from blogging. But once I am shifted, you’ll see a lot of fresh content. 
GMAT related and a lot personal stuff. I might dilute this blog by adding non-GMAT content, yes of course as you can guess I am consolidating all my blogs so have to compromise there. But I’ll make sure to have separate RSS feed for GMAT related posts. that way if you subscribe to my blog you wil not have to read my personal blabber.
I learned wordpress is superior blogging application than blogger. Though I am more familiar with blogspot & still figuring out its admin panel etc.
Anyways there’s lot of GMAT content (which I have been waiting to publish) ;comng once I am done with migration.
will let you know the new name of site…

Lets get started

so so so
have started my blog for GMAT & beyond.
but what i am here for?
As i said this blog is inspired by Eric’s blog ( mentioned in my earlier post)
And believe me, Eric has almost become a celebrity now!!
i hv to do some html work here to provide you some links to interesting resources available on internet. Also
about the blogs i read and all///
you know everyone does that so i am
following trend, thats it.
Now the important questions:
why i am here?
why should you visit this place often?
what is my profile?
what makes me special so that you should read my blog regularly?
And what exactly i am going to present you?

whew! I am acting like an MBA marketing bloke 😉
what do we have here?
some clearing clouds business:
You can see I have MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ahead. My journey, my quest to find out the way to right business school. I hope this blog will accompany me in this uphill task. This blog will inspire me will act as the self-catalyst (some chemical engineering influence 😀 ) Keep me charged up all time.
I think I make very unique profile, that you would of course going to discover as we move along,,,
heres to start with
My profile:
I have just set up the consultancy firm for Chemical Engineering Designs with my friend.
I am an Entrepreneur. the another blog you can see is my daily ( not daily) diary and about the lesson i learned ( hv been learning) during my work-life.
I have not yet taken the GMAT test. I am planning to take it on Feb-March 2007.
I will be discussing GMAT strategies and my approach to beat it beat the GMAT!
I will also going to discuss beyond GMAT business, that is about the b-schools every famous b-shools takes, their essays & what i think about them.
so lets begint this journey.

I am alone here…in bloggers park of MBA GMAT land :(

and I am quite late in catching this particular trend …
So, I am, in this case, is a trend-follower.

…not that this is my first blog ever…
I started blogging through some other blogs since last three-four months @ blogger.com recently I found reading blogs very interesting.
Though I discovered the art of blogging as a trend some 2-3 years ago @ MSN spaces, but I didn’t like the concept then so I stopped blogging.

One more reason for me stop blogging is I was alone there, on the net world.
…Stranger in a strange new (shall I call web 2.0) world.
But now I realised that ‘you dont have to know a blogger in person to read his/ her blogs.’ Everybody is stranger here yet everybody knows quite a lot about other bloggers.


The idea of blogging also came in my mind when I started reading Eric’s blog about GMAT preparation. …it’s very informative indeed. Later he (Eric ) formed a GMAT forum it’s a free community service, which is a noble work he is doing. Incidentally, I am a proud member of that community. I also contribute in that forum-site.

get up & start moving

I haven’t updated myself…have not written a diary since long. I stopped purchasing economic times. The business today comes every couple of weeks & I haven’t taken it out from the envelope. I don’t read newspapers & I don’t watch TV news channels anymore.
So what do I do. Do I blog?
I have more than three blogs in my name and also planning to add couple of more.
So am I a blogger? The answer is NO. I don’t blog regularly. Oh! And look at this: I have stopped orkutting.
Man! This is impossible to achieve!!
How did you do that? You must have been through a helluva depression or a great euphoria. Tell me.
I lost all interest in the things that I liked most earlier. Why? Whats the change for?
I think I lacked motivation lately.
But not anymore. Today I am back and decided to take charge of my life again!
Doesn’t mean that I am going to start orkutting heavily again…
That’s the last thing I would do now! I am out of that addiction and that orkutting-mania & I am happy for that.
So what is the bigger addiction I have subscribed?
Yes. I must admit; it’s a bigger addiction.
An addicted blogger doesn’t have to be (in my definition) a person who writes and posts blogs on his website. He could be anybody, even like me, who just love to read peoples blogs.
Reading blogs is my new found passion. I think I have mentioned it earlier somewhere…
But it doesn’t matter as long as you stop reading my blogs.
Do you really read my blogs anyway?