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Hello wordpress!

And look at this Mr. WordPress, has made a comment on my blog!! & they allow smilies too 😉 😀 boy! I am loving it.

Welcome Johny, welcome to the world of wordpress blogging. Although I had revealed my real name, Pranav Amrute I would still prefer to go by Johny Cage.

I am moving all my (blogspot) blogs to here. & it could take some time before I can announce about it to everyone. Also the parent site: amrute.me is under construction so give me some to time before I could start adding the content here regularly. I’ll create a separate page for GMAT books review & my recommendation. Also there are more articles coming in.

I know the site is not indexed in google so there’re next to nil chances of persons reading this, still I have to write this 😉

The new platform is going to be more interactive, be with me, comment, stay tuned you’ll never regret.

Migration to new GMAT site

I have been thinking of having my own personal web site & having this (& my other blogs) hosted there. & this month I might move this blog to personal site. 

Earlier I thought migrating would be coping & pasting all my articles to new blog (yes I am thinking of chucking blogger.com & going for wordpress ) But thankgod its not that terrrible I just have to link it with blogger give some authentication thats it. & blog is moved. 
By the month end I would be able to create all new site. The new site would be more interactive & active. Perhaps my migrating thoughts stopped me from blogging. But once I am shifted, you’ll see a lot of fresh content. 
GMAT related and a lot personal stuff. I might dilute this blog by adding non-GMAT content, yes of course as you can guess I am consolidating all my blogs so have to compromise there. But I’ll make sure to have separate RSS feed for GMAT related posts. that way if you subscribe to my blog you wil not have to read my personal blabber.
I learned wordpress is superior blogging application than blogger. Though I am more familiar with blogspot & still figuring out its admin panel etc.
Anyways there’s lot of GMAT content (which I have been waiting to publish) ;comng once I am done with migration.
will let you know the new name of site…

Lets get started

so so so
have started my blog for GMAT & beyond.

but what i am here for?
As i said this blog is inspired by Eric’s blog ( mentioned in my earlier post)
And believe me, Eric has almost become a celebrity now!!

i hv to do some html work here to provide you some links to interesting resources available on internet. Also
about the blogs i read and all///
you know everyone does that so i am
following trend, thats it.

Now the important questions:
why i am here?
why should you visit this place often?
what is my profile?
what makes me special so that you should read my blog regularly?
And what exactly i am going to present you?

whew! I am acting like an MBA marketing bloke 😉
what do we have here?

some clearing clouds business:

You can see I have MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ahead. My journey, my quest to find out the way to right business school. I hope this blog will accompany me in this uphill task. This blog will inspire me will act as the self-catalyst (some chemical engineering influence 😀 ) Keep me charged up all time.

I think I make very unique profile, that you would of course going to discover as we move along,,,

heres to start with
My profile:
I have just set up the consultancy firm for Chemical Engineering Designs with my friend.

I am an Entrepreneur. the another blog you can see is my daily ( not daily) diary and about the lesson i learned ( hv been learning) during my work-life.

I have not yet taken the GMAT test. I am planning to take it on Feb-March 2007.

I will be discussing GMAT strategies and my approach to beat it beat the GMAT!

I will also going to discuss beyond GMAT business, that is about the b-schools every famous b-shools takes, their essays & what i think about them.

so lets begint this journey.


I am alone here…in bloggers park of MBA GMAT land :(

and I am quite late in catching this particular trend …
So, I am, in this case, is a trend-follower.

…not that this is my first blog ever…
I started blogging through some other blogs since last three-four months @ blogger.com recently I found reading blogs very interesting.
Though I discovered the art of blogging as a trend some 2-3 years ago @ MSN spaces, but I didn’t like the concept then so I stopped blogging.

One more reason for me stop blogging is I was alone there, on the net world.
…Stranger in a strange new (shall I call web 2.0) world.
But now I realised that ‘you dont have to know a blogger in person to read his/ her blogs.’ Everybody is stranger here yet everybody knows quite a lot about other bloggers.


The idea of blogging also came in my mind when I started reading Eric’s blog about GMAT preparation. …it’s very informative indeed. Later he (Eric ) formed a GMAT forum it’s a free community service, which is a noble work he is doing. Incidentally, I am a proud member of that community. I also contribute in that forum-site.