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Amrutes Amrite? interested in free website & email

Hello my dear Amrite fellas,
I’ve finally created a form through which you can send the sign up requests.
Click on the Home button from the nav-bar to see the details or directly go to the Submit the form page
Or you can wait for my new post in Marathi, perhaps my first post in Marathi on this blog. (I’ve already created couple of pages in Marathi for Amrute.Me but in this blog I’ve never scribed in Marathi.)

word of mouth ebook for grabs

What I’m reading currently?
Well it’s not a regular book, it’s an e-book, yeah this is the first time I’m getting some success in reading an e-book.
Thats why they say “easy read”, I think the book is an easy read as I could read it; otherwise I’d made thousands of attempts reading several ebooks but I somehow never read more than 10 pages of any ebook.
Word of mouth Manual

As you can guess from its title the book is about viral marketing or below the line marketing/advertising The book is easy read, written is plain English (avoided jargons). I liked the tone of this book it has subtle humor which you’d enjoy if you know what exactly author wants to convey.

This is offset to my blog title & not at all related to GMAT, but as I hinted some time back I want to make this blog more general and want to write about other topics I like… (so I would gradually reduce the font size of GMAT phrases in tag cloud ūüėÄ ) haha, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop or reduce writing GMAT related articles, matter of fact it’s not going to get affected since I’ll still be using the proofread my essay services whenever I I am in a rush. I’d rather fill the gap between my articles and increase my posting frequency. Thats the point. … anyways enough of personal comments. I think I should add a ‘now reading’ category or tags now.

Actually I wanted to share it using Scribd, it’s ready preview feature so wouldn’t have to acutally download it. But they thought it to be inappropriate to upload such document so I had to upload it on my website server. It’s a shareware so feel free to distribute it to your network if you liked it.

GMAT 1000 SC wrong answers list.

If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you might know that I researched a lot on 1000sc document. & I’ve talked enough about 1000SC docs.
I had taken some initiative on a GMAT forum for collecting data of all wrong answers in this document. & I had talked about it earlier in my blog. If you’re not aware, 1000SC doc, a free GMAT questions set from scoretop.com, containing one thousand sentence correction problems have¬†some wrong answers.¬†Some questions are ambigious or not as clear as they should be or in other word ‘they are not of¬†^GMAT type^’ Therefore it was need of an hour to initiate such project.¬†My project did not pick up but¬†I am glad that scoot a¬†member of TestMagic forum initiated this project again & fortunately it’s running good.
Now to bring it on spotlight I am making this post: yeah! it’s worth writing an exclusive blog entry for this: So, dear visitors preparing for GMAT test & using 1000 SC doc. check out the List of incorrect answers in 1000 SC thread. It’ll save lot of your time & stress, if you know already which questions has wrong OAs.

DataFox updates

I wanted to make a post exclusively for this firefox addon called datafox. I was looking for the reason…
It’s very critical addon & comes very handy to monitor your bandwidth usage. It’s my most favourite add-on of firefox.
This applies to all BSNL’s & MTNL’s broadband subscribers. I know there are hell lot of you out there who use BSNL’s DataOne or MTNL’s triband.
It’s new version update 1.7 hence the post. If you dont have this addon¬† grab it now from the official site.
Note that this is a firefox addon & you need to use Firefox browser to leverage this monitoring tool.
(You can download the firefox by clicking on the its image on the right sidebar.)