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Why Online Office365 cannot insert OneDrive files directly?

I use Ubuntu OS and simplest way to use Microsoft Office suite on linux is Online Office 365 -accessing via Onedrive.com or Office.com. Having most of the important files on OneDrive, I’ve no problem switching from device to device (or between different Operating systems). Although LibreOffice (which comes out of the box with Ubuntu Desktop) is pretty solid and has more features than MS OfficeOnline, I rather prefer online office365 as it automatically saves files on OneDrive.
But Online Office lacks a major feature. While working on document online (on a web-browser), you cannot insert files/pictures into document from your cloud storage (ie. OneDrive). I was shocked to find that its missing! This feature is so obvious that Google Docs has this since years. You can insert images from your Google Drive to spreadsheet/presentation/doc -without having to upload anything from your local machine.
C’mon, Microsoft! How could you miss this? Now I have to download some of images stored on OneDrive to my computer just to insert and upload them on my Word/PowerPoint document!

Google AdSense celebrates 10 years

Today I received a Thank you mail from Google AdSense for staying with them for 10 years. It seems just like last year when I started my blog on blogspot.com and enabled Google Adsense for blogger. Although I’m sure I’m not AdSense member since the 1st year of its inception (definitely not blogging since 2004); I can pretty much say that I enjoyed higher CTR back then. (-meaning that it must be ~7+ years with Google AdSense) 😉

To celebrate this, they are launching AdSense 10 week Masterclass (or what they call AdSense 10 Challenge). It is an open-course and 10 week long covering most topics related to promoting, optimising and analysing your webcontent. Now I always wanted to utilize AdSense, but never seriously invested time for it. In the process, I learned a lot but not created a success formula with adsense. It’s the time, Google is inviting for their online AdSense free course. Why not take advantage of it? I guess I’m getting used to MOOC now. Last week, I participated in Youtube’s creators academy & learned a lot in the MOOC. Today I also got ‘certificate of completion‘ from @YTCreators. The youtube course is now open and self-paced (no time restrictions, no community involvement).

Also learned the long form of MOOC that is "Massive Open Online Course".

How to copy nokia phonebook contacts into iphone without ovi suite

Apple’s iPhone and Nokia mobile devices are undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphones/ cellphones in the world; and transferring its contacts, phonebook and other data shouldn’t be the problem. Apparently, if you don’t have enough tools or what they call it ‘common software’, there’s no straight and easy way out. At least that’s what I thought initially, this question bugged me for almost a week until I found the solution. I think it’s worth sharing with internet via screencast & writing a how-to article for it.

Things you need:

  • Nokia mobile phone with memory card
  • Computer with iTunes.
  • iPhone

First On Nokia phone

  1. Nokia: Go to contacts/ phonebook
  2. Nokia: Select all contacts
  3. Nokia: Option> save contacts
  4. Nokia: Select destination as memory card
  5. Plug in your nokia phone to computer in data transfer mode.
  6. Browse through your Nokia memory card and open /Others/ folder
  7. Open ‘contacts’ folder placed in memory card/Others/contact
  8. Select All contacts and copy-paste them in ‘windows contact’.
  9. Windows contacts, (known as windows Address Book in Windows XP) can be found in C:\Users\Logged-in-user\Contacts\ or you can click win logo or press win key and type ‘contacts’ in search slot windows start.
  10. Plug in iPhone to the computer.
  11. Open iTunes, if it doesn’t pop up automatically.
  12. Select iPhone in iTunes and open ‘info’ tab
  13. check/ mark/tick ‘sync contacts with ‘windows contacts’ (choose from dropdown menu)
  14. press ‘sync’ button.
  15. Done.

[iCloud Update] Apple introduced the iCloud feature to automatically sync your iPhone contacts after this tutorial is written. To copy/sync contacts (from step#11) you should disable iCloud sync for the first time you migrate your addressbook. Once the manual transfer is done using above steps, you may continue using iCloud sync afterwards)
PS: In case of newer Nokia phones such as Nokia E5-00, X2-01 menu of contact is bit different. In Contact Menu > Mark All > Create backup > Phone to memory card. I tested this on iPhone 3GS, however it works on any old or new iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S as well as new iPhone 5.

How to draw custom layer lines accurately on Google Earth.

Google Earth offers border and road lines on maps. It provides up to secondary administrative regions (actually ternary if considered international/country-level border as primary, state-level border as secondary and district-level boundary as ternary layer). If you want to dive deeper you’ve to rely on local maps from books or atlas.
If you have something specific that you do not find on Google maps or any other online maps available, and you want to add it on your map especially on Google earth and save it for future reference; here’s HOW TO for creating your own map lines & borders  accurately on Google Earth using old-school tracing paper technique.

You need:

  1. A PC (a computer with as big screen/monitor as possible)
  2. A tracing paper (semi-transparent white paper)
  3. Pencil (or pen)
  4. sellotape
  5. Google Earth software
  6. Internet connection.


  • Sketch detailed map on your tracing paper for your desired area.
  • Open Google Earth app and place tracing paper on user monitor screen.
  • Use sello-tape to glue on the screen. (This requires two persons.)
  • hold the paper and click on ‘add path’ on google earth.
  • Mark the path, name it and save it.
  • There you have it! remember the location where you’ve save the file, it must in kmz format.
  • DONE!

The best part of this kmz file is, it’s tiny, you can send it as attachment and your friends can open it and see it on their PC. Just like I’m now sharing the same file that I created on the above snap.
You would definitely notice if you open the Dahanu Border I created using authentic maps and tracing paper.  download Dahanu Tahsil border in kmz format! Notice the area in picture above? It’s my taluka place Dahanu, and am uploading this file for all my visitors. Google failed to sketch Maharashtra-Gujrat border and Dadara & Nagar Haveli area properly.
Also if you’re a Google Earth fan, share your work or comment below.

biking 300

I’m going to drive more than 300 km tomorrow on motorbike. Well! it’s not that I am doing it for the first time. I’m sure my last scooter journey was longer than tomorrow’s. But this time it’s gonna be different. Firstuff: I’m blogging about it; I’m on motorbike CD-100 & not on my scooter; I’m not alone, yes I’m going with my Dad.
Following map has our journey details and remarks.

View My trip to Pune, Kisan exhibition. in a larger map

Removing Feedburner please update your feed url

Hello dear subscribers,
here’s a quick update -=->
(This blog post is especially made for those who read my blog through feed reader such as Google reader, bloglines, my yahoo, MS Outlook, or Linux akregator etc. For rest of you, just ignore the post. Thank you.)
I am deactivating Feedburner, a feed manager/ distributor service from Google. If you subscribed to my blog recently that is in last 6-8 months, chances are you’ve automatically subscribed me via feedburner url. In that case please change my feed url to simple n straight feed://http//pranav.amrute.me/feed/
I think it’s wise to switch back to basics, also I think it’s bit annoying seeing adsense ads in your RSS feeds. So I’ve removed it. No adds on feeds 🙂
If you want GMAT specific articles, simply click on that right cartoon sitting on the bench.
Although dont panic, if you dont understand a word here; this post wasn’t even necessary. But WTH! Following figure will help you understand & google will take care of rest.
feedburner's notice

Get sparky

Get sparky to monitor the websites. the trend, how people surf each site, which page is more popular & to which page people go often once they visit a particular site. It’s fun to know which websites are top performing and has highest traffic/most popular in the country.(want a data for most popular websites in India? )
How you  can use the data from Alexa toolbar?: to analyse the web. Simple. For instance you’d be surprised to see Maps.Google.Com isn’t in top 10 places people go to Google!! Although it’s very very popular product (at least in US!)
So, download the toolbar & enjoy it’s features. It’s available for Mozilla Firefox as well as for MS Internet Explorer.
Alexa Toolbar (sparky) is perhaps the first toolbar available for IE must be since pre-Y2K era!! not sure though…

Amrute.me now working

The parent site of this blog, that is Amrute’s website has now some content, finally.
I wanted to add some pages ever since I registered this domain. But never got extra time. Now have added some webpages in Marathi, To my surprise I see ads in Marathi on these pages. (didnt know Marathi Google AdWords) I also want to add some Youtube video for demos, will do that in next few months. So far it’s looking good as it’s blended in the same theme that this blog is using.  Remember the theme is for grabs now. Go get it if you liked it!
Maybe it’ s time I should remove ‘under construction’ note from here & add some helpful links. Though I still want to add some more pages… & upload some photos etc. but will do it side-by-side…

Download my wordpress theme

I received some positive feedback about the theme I’m using on this blog. If you liked my wordpress I’m uploading it on server so that anyone can download it & use it.
Download the theme JohnyC.zip

It’s a 1000px width theme, I specifically coded as I believe visitors of my blog mostly have more than 1024 px screen resolution in width.
You can read the description of the them in CSS file once you post it on your workpress dashboard but some things I’d like to disclose about this theme.
I’ve modified someone else’s theme for my needs its optimised for Google Adsense. Google usually approves only 3 ad codes per page, two are already there in the script however there’s scope of adding one more Ad units say in sidebar to increase monetisation probability 😉
I’ll upload this theme in official WordPress.Org theme directory, once I get more time, writing proper info viz tags. etc.