Jack's GMAT story [part 0: Preface]

I am presenting you a story of Jack, a normal GMAT test taker.
Lately I observed, students� negative drive towards taking the test; Jack is one of them. I can see many Jacks here n there. They usually postpone or retake the test because of low score they observe during their practise CAT tests.
As a result of it, I decided to write an article in my blog, based on how important it is to take GMAT once and for all.
Later I dropped the idea and thought to place it on GMAT forum… That way I would make it more interactive.
[Editor’s note: I have published it in some GMAT related forums first for response & one month later I published compilied story on blog.]
I want your comments on the Jack�s story, folks.
I have my own opinion on this story (of course! I have written it. which you can read in the next episode/articles)
Before I write further, here�s my background:
You might wonder that why should you read the story of the fictional character and later hear the opinion of a person who has not taken the test?
I have been thinking of b-schools since last 5-6 years. And GMAT is in my mind all day all night for last two years. In a process, I read as much as I could get on the internet. I joined online forums, interacted with people, enough for now, to make a firm opinion on GMAT issues. On June end of this year I was fully prepared for GMAT. But due to my ignorance to the fact that I needed a passport on the test day, I dropped the plan. I do not have passport yet!
Feel free to post the comments on the story. However, I am posting just first part of the series, Latter parts contain my opinions followed by right approach etc.
Check all series of articles the case study of Jack’s GMAT.

Link to the relevant thread on forum will be available upon request.

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