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[Part-I] Top 10 job oriented courses

Recently we’ve seen boom for non-traditional courses. Degrees/certificate courses other than stereotypical- BA, BCom, BSc or mainstream professional courses like law (LLB), CA, medical science (MBBS), engineering (BE, BTech) etc.
Times Career, a weekly supplement of Maharashtra Times -leading Marathi newspaper has published booklet (or series of e-books?) for job-oriented courses.  These are non-traditional courses which have gained lot of popularity and has generated job opportunities. Or I can it was other way around. First there was demand for such courses, later it’s been fulfilled. Career oriented courses have not only given choice to 12th pass, 10th pass students but also provided head-start when they graduate and enter in job market.
Click here to get list of all guides and direct download link. Please note that the guides are in Marathi language

[Part-II] Get information on career oriented courses

These pdf/e-books are in Marathi language

There’re few miscellaneous  documents covering soft skills and general tips to ace in career you can get it if you download entire collection (mentioned in Part-I)
Note that I do not reserve rights to these e-books. The links for these soft copies only made available  for the benefit of reader with no commercial or vested interest. They are written by Times group’s education division in collaboration with few institutes related to these programmes.

Taking control of Life [Part III Dont break the chain]

This is a supplementary/add-on post to my earlier post about 30-days challenge. On the same line I recently made a dont break the chain calendar and posted in my ttbid blog. Dont break the chain is motivational chart for your long term goals. Read the details and description of how to use it.
Click here to directly download the chart. I know you’re gonna thank me for this 😉

The best Light-weight pdf reader- foxit

Which software do you use for viewing/reading PDF files?
I stopped using Adobe’s Acrobat reader YEARS back. The last one I had on my system was 6.x I think.
Basically I avoid installing heavy, bloated and sometimes redundant software on my PC. It’s a universal truth that you cannot do without a PDF reader no matter which operating system you have. So if it’s not Abode, there has to be something else. When I run Linux, there’s built-in PDF reader and I dont know who developed it. But while on windows I had to look for alternative & Foxit PDF reader does a great job replacing giant Adobe. And the best part is it’s available for Linux and mobiles.
You can download the software directly for windows and get rid of Adobe, permanently! Once installed you’re promised it will not eat up your memory, space or CPU power in background. It’s a NO BLOAT software. (I drafted this post more than year ago but never get time to upload it & this time I check there website they’ve written same stuff about it- it’s a no bloat software… haha)This time when I check the website they’ve plety of PDF solutions to offer. It’s really great alternative to Adobe’s monopoly over PDF reader.