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Secret Book

I tweeted about it and viola, mission fulfilled within a week.

So the law of attraction from the secret book really works, huh?

Tumblr doesn't showcase SrBachchan blog

So the other day I thought to play around with Tumblr to learn about its services post acquisition. I signed up (from an Indian IP address), to create a new blog and found the place to be lonely. Tumblr offered me some blogs to follow, which I presume are popular. (Something very similar to twitter).
But, I didnt get what was the obvious. The Amitabh Bachchan’s blog is not featured in Tumblr’s suggestion engine. It should have been featured, not only because of his super-stardom celebrity status, but because he’s got a very popular blog. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most active blogger in India and the world. He’s been blogging regularly, everyday, posted more than 3000 articles for more than 6 years. On the next screen, upon deliberately searching for his blog by typing his name (yes, with spelling mistake, which most of us misspell Bacchan) I found no results. Surprisingly “NO RESULT” for ‘Amitabh Bacchan’. Shame on you, Tumblr!
Amitabh Bachchan, aka SrBachchan had to move from BiggAdda when it discontinued the blogging service. Tumblr ‘won’ Blog of Amitabh Bacchan and migrated old posts & images, when BiggAdda stopped its blogging service.
tumblr-sr-bacchan Tumblr should be grateful that Sr. Bachchan uses its platform for blogging, which otherwise is non-existent in India compared to prominent blogging platform, BlogSpot (& WordPress). Not only this gives free publicity and advertising to the Tumblr but also gives a strong message of recommendation as SrBachchan is using this blogging platform.
Recently, Mr. Bachchan clarified on blog about the 65 crore ‘gold-plated thali’ controversy. & I had a good laugh on how manipulates the stories to create a buzz.

Look papa, New theme!

Finally made a move to fully responsive theme (not bootstrap through). In the process of doing so, I replaced my old theme files (404.php); so instead of copy new files in new theme folder, I copied them to old theme directory. I did that on my webserver (Ubuntu Server) on terminal using SSH. And unfortunately there’s no undo in CLI. 🙁 I’m glad I’ve started using Git now.

Linode pleasing its customers

Linode is pleasing its current and new/prospective customers by upgrading the existing server hardware and keeping the hosting price unchanged.

Linode, the web-hosting firm, specialised in virtual/ cloud servers, is doubling its current RAM offering for its all packages. They are also introducing SSDs replacing the spinning disks. It’ll enThis overall upgradation of hardware & infrastructure facilities going to cost them 45 million dollars.

Linode, who is pioneer in cloud & virtual server hosting is famous for its best and prompt support. This upgrade would ensure them to keep the lead to beat the competition.

Ubuntu 14.04 Launch Party in Mumbai

This week, the LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu will be released. The Ubutnu 14.04 LTS release date party is 20th Arpil 2014 (which was not fixed until recently). In some parts of the world it’ll release today, but in India the release party is hosted on Sunday, 20th April 2014 at DirectiPlex, Andheri, Mumbai. I never attended any meetups (barcamps?) or conference related Ubuntu. I’m looking forward to attend the launch party. The best part of the LTS release is they come after 3 regular releases and come with 5 years of lifespan support (server & desktop versions). Let’s celebrate the 14.04 LTS release of Ubuntu by attending the party, if you too are coming tweet me! & register at Ubuntu Loco Team portal.
Microsoft has officially stopped support for Windows XP. People have waited for improved & better Windows & we are offered Vista, & now 8 & 8.1. It’s enough now. There cannot be a better time to move to linux & try Ubuntu.
I’ve been using Ubuntu since at least 2007. I remember, I ordered the CD of Ubuntu 7.04 & received it by post from Canonical Ltd. all the way from the UK! I still have that envelope and stickers that sent for free along with the FeistyFawn CD.
And to those who don’t know what Ubuntu is, I’ll leave you with the following video.

Blocked political campaing ads on my sites

adsense-blockDuring the last loksabha campaign I see very aggressive online marketing by & team. It was so annoying that I had to block the site from my AdSense to prevent them from my sites, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t use The Indexer help instead. It’s that period again I can see these annoying ads. So I blocked Congress & BJP websites.