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On your marks. Get set Go!

Vir Das, the comedian, actor in Bollywood has more active and less popular facet that you might not know. Perhaps he’s one of very few people in the film industry who are real, well versed & make sense.
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He’s pretty active on social media, so go, follow him!

I’m bit late posting his YouTube video on anxiety about the exam results but I think it’s timeless, so here you go!

Get Harry Potter Complete Box Set at absolutely steal price has been one of the most successful Indian dot coms. The co-founders of flipkart- ex-employees of Amazon launched the website before Amazon saw market potential in India. Amazon now entered in Indian market with but flipkart is leaps ahead and surely going to keep no.1 position for years to come. Still, I’ve never used flipkart, which might look strange for person like me, who’s very active on the internet. It’s not that I prefer some other e-commerce site over flipkart. But honestly, I’ve not purchased anything online lately (except few apps from itunes). So I spent some time on and also added GMAT book purchase window for my Indian visitors, who now have option to buy GMAT books from (ckeck out the side bar on right!).
Now, when I thought, it’s time I should fulfil my “wishlists” I checked flipkart rather than And to my surprise, most of the books are cheaper of or at same prize than amazon. Look at the Harry Potter Book set banner for example: 20+% off on complete series book. And then I noticed Harry Potter’s Signature Edition Collection Box, a set of all HP books at less than 2,000 Rupees! 40+% off- that’s a steal! Get the Signature Edition at 1,979 Rs (less than $35!)

How to draw custom layer lines accurately on Google Earth.

Google Earth offers border and road lines on maps. It provides up to secondary administrative regions (actually ternary if considered international/country-level border as primary, state-level border as secondary and district-level boundary as ternary layer). If you want to dive deeper you’ve to rely on local maps from books or atlas.
If you have something specific that you do not find on Google maps or any other online maps available, and you want to add it on your map especially on Google earth and save it for future reference; here’s HOW TO for creating your own map lines & borders  accurately on Google Earth using old-school tracing paper technique.

You need:

  1. A PC (a computer with as big screen/monitor as possible)
  2. A tracing paper (semi-transparent white paper)
  3. Pencil (or pen)
  4. sellotape
  5. Google Earth software
  6. Internet connection.


  • Sketch detailed map on your tracing paper for your desired area.
  • Open Google Earth app and place tracing paper on user monitor screen.
  • Use sello-tape to glue on the screen. (This requires two persons.)
  • hold the paper and click on ‘add path’ on google earth.
  • Mark the path, name it and save it.
  • There you have it! remember the location where you’ve save the file, it must in kmz format.
  • DONE!

The best part of this kmz file is, it’s tiny, you can send it as attachment and your friends can open it and see it on their PC. Just like I’m now sharing the same file that I created on the above snap.
You would definitely notice if you open the Dahanu Border I created using authentic maps and tracing paper.  download Dahanu Tahsil border in kmz format! Notice the area in picture above? It’s my taluka place Dahanu, and am uploading this file for all my visitors. Google failed to sketch Maharashtra-Gujrat border and Dadara & Nagar Haveli area properly.
Also if you’re a Google Earth fan, share your work or comment below.

Disturbed by spam SMS? Use ‘smsBlocker’ mobile app.

Pune based mobile application development firm Optinno Mobitech Pvt.  Ltd today announced the launch of a unique mobile application ‘smsBlocker’. True to its  name, it is an innovative mobile application that can be a savior for millions of cellphone  users who are frustrated due to incessant spam SMS. smsBlocker gives you the options to  block unwanted SMS with various filter levels. What is most interesting and unique is  smsBlocker’s ability to automatically block the cunning spam SMS. So you just  need to install and set smsBlocker in your mobile and that’s it! smsBlocker works so well that  looking at the Block logs will surprise you with its amazing efficiency and intelligence.
Announcing the launch, Mr. Sagar Bedmutha, Founder and CEO, Optinno Mobitech  Pvt. Ltd. said, “smsBlocker effectively empowers you and gives you full control on what SMS  you receive. There are sincere efforts taken by the telecom regulators. However, mobile  spammers always find ways to bypass the regulations. That is the reason why you receive  scores of unsolicited SMS.  This is where smsBlocker comes into play. We are certain that  now the mobile users need not get annoyed and disturbed by spam. We take pride in  presenting this ‘first-of- its-kind’, full-proof, innovative mobile application to our valued  customers today.”
In terms of features and at a one time price of just Rs. 99 (USD 2.00), smsBlocker  scores much above than other spam blocking options like operator’s filter services, other  paid applications.  The application is currently developed targeting Nokia phones and can be used on all  Symbian S60 devices.
More information, online purchase options and a FREE Trial version  are available on
NB: As a launch offer, this application is available absolutely FREE till 28-06-2010.

Back to GMATing, back to blogging

Oh yeah! You heard it right, which means you can expect me blog about GMAT here more often than earlier. Yes, back to blogging but not on forums, so please do not expect prompt (/any) replies on forum if you PM me.
Few additions/changes in blog: You must have noticed Knewton GMAT’s link in the middle column, yes if you’re interested in joining GMAT   prep course Knewton is the one I recommend. They’re cheapest yet the best in the town. Go get it.
I seriously want to write resources pages, I hope this time around I get more time for this site to add some content.
I also have GMAT FAQ queued up 😉 they’re somewhere around 75 frequently asked questions I would featured in this blog & try to answer clear, short & simple way. I might post them twice a week, maybe. Although I’m not sure when would I start posting it but as I would, I know I may end up writing infinite no. of FAQ posts … so I should stop myself at 75. All in all, expect this blog to be regularly updated with fresh content.

How to choose a web host

I have been researching on web hosting providers available since more than 3-4 years. And even today whenever I’ve free time or whenever I get distracted I click on those web hosting ads while surfing around. I researched a lot but I dont regret it.
When I decided to move my blogs to personal website, with my name in url, I had to buy sever space to host my websites/blogs. And to do that I had to choose the perfect web hosting company.


I was very cautious while selecting and finalising the web host service website where I would run my websites from. So I looked as many webhosting firms as I could & searched for bad or negative comments. I was looking for a service provider with zero negative remarks. I think that was easy to scrutinise because you find at least one bad comment from un-satisfied customer anyways. But it was not quick task as there’re plethora of webhosting service providers, plus there’re resellers and local agents. It’s a big market for website hosting, online server and data center industry.
I had few criteria already set that brought down the number by almost half.

  • I wanted shared hosting server.
  • I wanted a webhost account where I can park and host multiple (preferably unlimited/ 10+) domain names.
  • I wanted great customer support and “online chat” feature was must.
  • I didn’t want to use local service providers of any Indian resellers in general. (yes, Indian webhosting companies have long way to go before they could provide the worldclass service.
  • Basically I wanted flexibility, freedom, support, so Yahoo was out of question.

However there’re general selection criteria, such as, Checking whether the webhost only host clean websites or not, else you might end up in the blacklist of Google/yahoo etc. If your website using shared IP address, your emails might be treated as spam & directly go to junkmail box if other websites on your IP are ‘spamming around’.  There’re are special webhosting companies who host pornographic, warez, file-storing websites, which involves heavy traffic and needs lots of storage space. Better stay away from them.
I’m not claiming that these are the best rules (/criteria) to select a webhosting services. You can have your own selection criteria, it can be different but the point is you should list what are your needs and what exactly you’re looking for and I’m glad that you’re reading this page now. 🙂 The reason for researching before deciding your web hosting service provider is the commitment period is usually long, if you pay for long-term *say more than 1year rather than paying per month, you’d save atleast a dollar per month with most of the shared hosting.
After a lot reading on net and research I signed up with BlueHosts shared hosting.
Bluehost is safe, reliable, best in support, pre-sales queries, literally 24×7 costumer care by online chat. You get flexibility to do anything on your website, e.g. run forums, blogs, photo gallery, all scripts are automatically installs and are free of cost! So, what are you waiting for? I’ve had a dream of running my own website & I’m doing it at affordable cost with bluehost!

Removing Feedburner please update your feed url

Hello dear subscribers,
here’s a quick update -=->
(This blog post is especially made for those who read my blog through feed reader such as Google reader, bloglines, my yahoo, MS Outlook, or Linux akregator etc. For rest of you, just ignore the post. Thank you.)
I am deactivating Feedburner, a feed manager/ distributor service from Google. If you subscribed to my blog recently that is in last 6-8 months, chances are you’ve automatically subscribed me via feedburner url. In that case please change my feed url to simple n straight feed://http//
I think it’s wise to switch back to basics, also I think it’s bit annoying seeing adsense ads in your RSS feeds. So I’ve removed it. No adds on feeds 🙂
If you want GMAT specific articles, simply click on that right cartoon sitting on the bench.
Although dont panic, if you dont understand a word here; this post wasn’t even necessary. But WTH! Following figure will help you understand & google will take care of rest.
feedburner's notice

Enterprising India. TiE Entrepreneurial Summit

I was a member of TiE Mumbai chapter couple of years back. And it helped me a lot grooming my entrepreneurial skills. Today I received an email from Mumbai chapter about the upcoming Event, of  TES 2009 to be held in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) this December.
If you own a business firm, be it mature or a startup, if you manage enterprises if you’re a businessman, or call yourself an entrepreneur it’s worth visiting this event; there’s definitely going to be a lot to learn and loads of takeaways from this summit/event.
Quoting the email verbatim sent by director of Mumbai Chapter, Mr. Manak Singh. (not verbatim, making some edits adding links & changing voice)

The TiE Mumbai’s mega-Jugaad, Enterprising IndiaTiE Summit 2009 (21-23 Dec) has got an encouraging response, with 200+ registrations in the 1st 10 days itself (& growing steadily)…
We are aiming to stage the largest ever un-conference for Entrepreneurs in India so far…with the challenge of 2,000 entrepreneurs !
For this we are setting up a Huge 60,000 sq.ft. super structure at MMRDA grounds with a 20,000 sq.ft. Indian Marketplace to showcase exciting enterprising Indian Models.
We invite you to participate in this challenge and HELP your chapter achieve this 2,000 entrepreneur mark !!
Please help reach out to Friends, Family, networks, organisations, to encourage enterprising Indians to attend these Power Packed 3-Days of inspiration, learning, opportunity, connectivity & entertainment !! This is applicable to enterprising Indians across the board… Manufacturing / services, Start-up or Growth, Service providers…
Click here to view the Powerful agenda…

  • Ratan Tata & Narayan Murthy opening together, for the first time, and many other inspiring Keynote panels
  • Iinspiring & iconic CO-HOSTS presenting 24 inspiring, unique examples of Enterprising India…..
  • 9 Panel debates, 18 Gurukul Sessions by the co-hosts & many other iconic
  • Financial Clinics, Investor Pitches,
  • and much more…

Encourage as many to Visit and REGISTER on !
Let us know if any of your networks / organisations are looking for Group registrations, there’re surely some discounts for group registration!
Join us in this Jugaad! And we promise you an unforgettable Summit !!
History, Present and the Future…
The 1st TiE Summit was conceived and launched by TiE Mumbai in 2006 and many of us still remember its energy and success! It is a proud moment for all of us to host it again this year after 3 years … !!
And being Enterprising Indians we have taken up the challenge to host the largest and most ambitious TiE Summit, with a difference i.e. through an Un-conference (Jugaad), driven by  a movement (not just a theme) called Enterprising India.

thank you.

windows 7 here to stay [part: II]

I just made a ^fanboy^ post about Windows 7 with their advertisement’s tagline that windows 7 was my idea. Certainly it was my idea and it’s exciting to  see that idea come to life.
I used windows 7 beta version and then I again used windows 7 RC version which not going to expire sooner.  And I’m pleased with the progress. I can discuss what’s new in windows 7 & which features impressive, but I know there’s already thousands of pages written about it. So I’d simply suggest you to visit windows website. I heard that windows 7 breaks the pre-order volume records of harry potter’s 7th book at Amazon. So, yes we have been waiting for this operating system since long…. since we fed up with windows XP, and sorry windows vista was disaster. I’m so glad that I never bought it and/or installed it on my PC.
Incidentally if I look at my OS upgrades trend, I’ve skipped windows operating systems and used alternate upgrades.
Since the beginning I used:

  • windows 3.1 (Oh yeah I remember my early school days 😀 )
  • windows 95 never used it, & never heard of it 😛
  • Windows 98 used for looooooooong time on my own PC as well as on others
  • Windows 2000 I know whats coming in your mind winMe> doesn’t qualify to be listed 😉
  • windows XP yes, always. & still will. on netbook maybe.
  • windows Vista I specifically bought a new laptop which doesnt come the vista pre-installed.
  • windows 7 I’m using it RC version. & I’m pretty much happy with it.

I see the same opinion shared on a tech/web forum where people more than 70% people voted said Vista sucks and they’ve been waiting for newer, better/another OS (now windows 7) from windows. Do you have a choice? of course not, well unless, if you can play around with linux…
But I know windows 7 is here to stay, I’m not saying this because it’s newly launched, I could have said this for vista couple of years back. I’m saying it because I’ve used it. And I’m looking forward to it.