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Last year I made a post promoting Internet Explorer 7. But I personally do not use MS ie7. Yes, it was recommended to those who still using old ie 6. Although there’re some features I like about internet explorer. They are not strong enough to stick me to MS IE. & during my Linux phases I had to use Firefox. It’s not a compromise actually, I prefer Mozilla firefox browser over any other internet browser. I had used Microsoft internet explorer 6, 7 & beta 8. (might add review of beta 8..) but I always liked Firefox. I love the browser so much that I in fact joined some groups and communities to spread the firefox. Yeah, can you see the firefox’s logo on the sidebar, which says upgrade to 3.0? yes they’ve provided it ;). And to my surprise, if I become one of the top referrer & selected from lucky draw, I’d get a firefox t-shirt!! This is fun!! 🙂 All you have to do is click on the button, download, install & use firefox. Of course you should use it if you like it. Choice is all yours.

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Firefox is a cross platform (can be run on any system Windows, Mac or Linux ) internet browser. If you’re better than a newbie at computer operating or internet surfing, I hightly recommend you to have Mozilla Firefox. Well, if you’re not newbie or less than a average user, chances are you’re already using FIrefox. (so let me rephrase it) & if you’re wanna be an efficient net surfer I recommend using Firefox.

Multiple tabs & customised search engine are common options that come in browsers these days.

Some advantages of firefox are: it’s highly customizable. You can play with it add almost any feature you want. There are thousands of coders, developers / programmers out there who make plugins & addons just for you; which helps make efficient browsing. Take for instance I’ve installed a add-on called fireone which monitors my broadband internet usage. & warns me if I’m crossing (or reached near to) my bandwidth limit. It comes handy & I don’t have to log in to BSNL site time to time just to see the status.

That’s just one example; I might some time in future, post a list of add-ons I’ve added in firefox browser. & it’s a great advantage Firefox has got over all other internet browsers. There’re many other advantages like: I heard browsing is more secure & difficult hack. But the things that I don’t understand I don’t comment on. Anyways if the experts are commenting that it’s a secure browser, it has to be; as we seen some fatal issues with Microsoft’s internet explorer lately, I again highly recommend to switch or as they say “upgrade”.

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