Jack's GMAT story: [part- III What Went Wrong]

Jack has been studying for GMAT since long. And during this period he missed quite a few opportunities to take this test.

Most of the time, what he missing was right approach, strategy to prepare for the GMAT and some good advice.

When Jack was completing his degree, it was ideally the best time for him to take the test. Honestly, it gets more difficult once you get a full time job. Jack had his classmates to take the test. It would have been definitely easier for him to take the test then.

But he missed the boat.

After finishing his education Jack had some free time that could have used wisely for GMAT preparation. He in fact did utilized that time but not so wisely. Too many cooks spoil the soup.
Yes! Same thing happened with Jack this time.

Unfortunately he couldn’t resist to apply for jobs simultaneously. Jack failed to realize the case if he gets a call from a prosperous company on the verge of taking the GMAT. Exactly same thing happened and Jack faced this dilemma. He had to drop the idea, one more time. But he wouldn’t have gotten success in GMAT because the wrong approach he followed.

He had all free time available for preparation, Jack bought all material available on earth also he joined tuition/classes. Well in most of the cases it is recommended but Jack went to extreme and end up confusing himself for the right strategy that would work for him.
Yes! too many cooks spoil the soup. Oh! I forgot to mention about the forums and blog he used to indulge in!!

After resuming to his job, Jack hardly finds time for anything extra work like studying for GMAT. Though Jack turned wiser than before, he has time constrains, mental stress and job responsibilities. He’s struggling to manage work-life balance forget about extra efforts for GMAT study.
He needed the force to go for GMAT study. He made up by his own… He could have done much better if he had joined some classes this time.

Above all things of Jacks story went wrong… Jack could have done better. To know the right approach read on.

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