Migration to new GMAT site

I have been thinking of having my own personal web site & having this (& my other blogs) hosted there. & this month I might move this blog to personal site. 

Earlier I thought migrating would be coping & pasting all my articles to new blog (yes I am thinking of chucking blogger.com & going for wordpress ) But thankgod its not that terrrible I just have to link it with blogger give some authentication thats it. & blog is moved. 
By the month end I would be able to create all new site. The new site would be more interactive & active. Perhaps my migrating thoughts stopped me from blogging. But once I am shifted, you’ll see a lot of fresh content. 
GMAT related and a lot personal stuff. I might dilute this blog by adding non-GMAT content, yes of course as you can guess I am consolidating all my blogs so have to compromise there. But I’ll make sure to have separate RSS feed for GMAT related posts. that way if you subscribe to my blog you wil not have to read my personal blabber.
I learned wordpress is superior blogging application than blogger. Though I am more familiar with blogspot & still figuring out its admin panel etc.
Anyways there’s lot of GMAT content (which I have been waiting to publish) ;comng once I am done with migration.
will let you know the new name of site…

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