Stay tuned for some products from research den of my GMAT blog

I have so many articles to publish here L tsk my unpublished posts dammit! There’s a lot to come from my “research den”

Just stay tuned, wait for some days and you’ll get:-

  • some cool reviews about the GMAT online forums from me. Yeah! You know that I have been on all forums for some time I know the culture of every forum

  • The compilation of all great GMAT stories (edited my with my comments) of Test Magic ( ) forums. Yeah! The forum is quite old and produced some of great GMAT gurus who gave ultimate strategies to crack the GMAT.

  • Complete dissection of GMAT prep and GMAT PowerPrep softwares ( 26 MB & 9 MB) comparision of these with OGs (sounds exciting na! )

  • And of course my unfinished business with thousand SC 1000 SC document. I’ll try my best to make a complete list of Answers of that document. … some say that SC doc is clean… lets see…

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