Let’s Catch Up!

You’ll find hell lot of pages about me, about this blog in particular or about the parent website. And to confuse you further, I’m adding this page which will tell you about my other blogs, social media links & ways to contact me and stay connected.

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I used to receive invitations from a lot of “emerging” social media websites and I want to apologise all my friends and people in my network for not accepting it. Basically, I want to restrict myself to fewer number of sites: that includes- twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Windows Live, and Google +. However I’d prefer to communicate via former channels rather than latter. Chatting on WhatsApp & Skype are purely personal and business purpose so, I wish not to disclose them here. I’ll remain on above mentioned social media websites and if contacted I’d ping you back in less than 50 hours 😉
My Primary Email address is: Pranav@Amrute.me