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About Me??
I go blank whenever I face this situation. And I face this situation quite often during registration at various online portals, forums or social networking sites. I go blank because I dont see a single attribute worth mentioning ‘about me’.
So to take inspiration (& copy?), I go and check my friends’ profiles to read their ‘about me’ page, only to end up more depressed and confused. As you might have guessed no characteristics match with my personality. Therefore instead of writing about me I thought to write things that are ‘not about me’ So when I check out profiles around cyberspace I discover that:

  • I am not an amateur photographer: seriously, you’ll find 50% of profiles take photography as a hobby and claim to be the amateur photographers.
  • I am not a poet: [sigh-of-relief! right?] otherwise your RSS feed would have been full of gibberish poetry.
  • Blogging is not my hobby! yeah strange it may sound but that’s true. My past record says that I never blogged on a regular basis.
  • I am not an artist, No artifacts, No fine arts, No photoshop tricks 😐
  • I dont edit videos; I dont YouTube: yeah I really admire those who take pain, make videos & later upload them. (something I would try…)
  • Surely I am not a geek: though I am member of some online communities where 99.9% persons are geeks.
  • I am not a hardcore gamer: they say, you either dont play games or are the hardcore gamer full-on. I dont belong to any of these categories.
  • I dont joke: yeah I am a no-nonsense guy. Actually I cant produce funny stuff. (sour grapes you know).
  • Unlike most of people, I dont sweat in 40C but I call less than 20C ‘freezing cold’
  • I am not an egotist. yeh ye, the guy is surely self-obsessed who has a website and a blog with his own name on url; has 2-3 ^exclusive about-me pages^. Yeah! I know it’s hard to convince but believe me, I am not an egotist. All right, enough now.

wow!! if you’ve reached till this line; chances are you’re going to stick here. In that case why dont you just join in my friends circle? Or let me offer some sincere content about me & my blog?

  • & lastly, I’m not the one I show off. I am big disguise! Caution: I may not be like one I look; for instance,  I dont have a car & I dont have specs.

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