If you still could not make out from the web-address & the title of this page, my name is Pranav Amrute. and am the webmaster of this site,
Although I’ve had many different ‘user-names’ on world wide web, I go by Johny Cage in blogging world.
I’m 26 36+, male, from Gholvad, (which is situated on western coast of India, near Mumbai.) India, 5’10”, 150+ lbs, single.
pranav-amruteI am an engineer by education & webmaster by hobby profession.

I’ve had ups and downs in my life & during each phase I had many different interests, hobbies and habits. Currently, becoming financially independent is my interest; learning about Machine Learning, DeepTech AI is hobby & acting like a zombie(not anymore!) cuddling my puppy seeking knowledge is my habit.

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