building base mileage & confession

Before I could start training for marathon I should build a mileage base. Base assures you’ve enough stamina to try such heavy and long term training. In simple words, ‘building base‘ is your ability to jog/run for certain distance, say 3-4 kms at a stretch any given time.
Now let me tell you my background: I’m a regular guy; I’m not an athlete. I wished to and used to take part in sports in my school and college only when I could get through, which happened rarely. I grew up in rural area of the country which has more Adivasi population, Adivasi people are natural athlete hence used to represent our school in inter-school sports competitions. During 8, 9, 10th grade,  I was a cadet at NCC (National Cadet Corps) which helped me increase/build my stamina. Later in under-grad college, the only sports I could get through was football (soccer). In junior year I managed to become the captain of the class’ football team as well. I also did some heavy long treks and hikings during that period. Guess I was at my peak in terms of stamina. But it was before I crossed 20 😛 some 6-8 years ago!!
THINGS HAVE CHANGED, now.  My current status is not at all impressive, in fact it’s pathetic to core. I’m sure I’ll get cramps even if I throw a ball today. The other day my legs are paining as I slept awkwardly… that must be due to lack of blood supply that night, but surely I’ve lost it. I dont remember the last time I played any sports, I played badminton & table tennis last year in October for a week for local annual competition. As I mentioned in my profile, I’m living like a zombie these days. I’ve home-office setup and my system is placed in dining room itself; I use same chair for dining table just move it 180 degrees (ouch! am I that bad?…. I confessed 🙁 ) So that’s my story!! But on positive note: I run occasionally; I’m not that fat & my friends say I look fit, always.
And what matters most is I’ve decided to change things and change things fast. Body building is in cards but I’d build the base first. I’ve already started my base-building and jogging thing. Also doing dumbbells.
You guys support me; I’ll update this place on regular basis;  stay tuned and comment whenever possible.

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