Lets beat the GMAT!

This is post is just let you know I have started my GMAT preparation. Unlike Eric I wont publish my day to day log here on my blog; I know nothing can beat his blog whn it comes to GMAT study and strategy. ( though I might start GMAT lessons or something like that here on blog….) But I have started a thread called ‘lets beat the GMAT‘ on http://www.beatthegmat.com forums. There I would post my day to day study plan and my progress. …might help you if you want to see how a plan could work.

If you want a specific plan for yourself just hit the thread and tell me your requirement I will try to make one for you too.

When I started this blog I was not preparing for GMAT and I been saying this from my first post that I would be taking the test in Feb 2007. Last year before starting this blog I was almost finished with my preparation just to realise that I needed a passport to take the test.

I applied for one and today its in my pocket. I am all ready to prepare and take the test.

Lets beat the GMAT!

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