Lets get started

so so so
have started my blog for GMAT & beyond.
but what i am here for?
As i said this blog is inspired by Eric’s blog ( mentioned in my earlier post)
And believe me, Eric has almost become a celebrity now!!
i hv to do some html work here to provide you some links to interesting resources available on internet. Also
about the blogs i read and all///
you know everyone does that so i am
following trend, thats it.
Now the important questions:
why i am here?
why should you visit this place often?
what is my profile?
what makes me special so that you should read my blog regularly?
And what exactly i am going to present you?

whew! I am acting like an MBA marketing bloke 😉
what do we have here?
some clearing clouds business:
You can see I have MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ahead. My journey, my quest to find out the way to right business school. I hope this blog will accompany me in this uphill task. This blog will inspire me will act as the self-catalyst (some chemical engineering influence 😀 ) Keep me charged up all time.
I think I make very unique profile, that you would of course going to discover as we move along,,,
heres to start with
My profile:
I have just set up the consultancy firm for Chemical Engineering Designs with my friend.
I am an Entrepreneur. the another blog you can see is my daily ( not daily) diary and about the lesson i learned ( hv been learning) during my work-life.
I have not yet taken the GMAT test. I am planning to take it on Feb-March 2007.
I will be discussing GMAT strategies and my approach to beat it beat the GMAT!
I will also going to discuss beyond GMAT business, that is about the b-schools every famous b-shools takes, their essays & what i think about them.
so lets begint this journey.

One thought on “Lets get started

  1. Gaurav

    Hi jonny cage :-)A very good blog you have their and maintaining it very well. Me and my friend have also started with a small Gmat preparation blog.Its nothing like your blog , ours is still very new and undeveloped. Hope i can learn from your blog how to go about on a gmat blog . :-)But maybe sometime you can check our blog and tell us how to make some improvements and all as you are very experienced in this field . :-)www.gmatcracked.blogspot.comAnxious for your comment . Byethank you


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