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What is your blogging style? thorough, detailed, long or quicky, short, fresh amd relevant?
I’ve many unpublished/ pending posts on this blog as ‘drafts’. Once they lose freshness (mostly news) they remain there in draft-mode. For instance I was writing an article on how Microsoft can launch office suit to iOS device at a premium price without having to share its revenue with Apple’s app store. Before I could finish and publish the article, we have office mobile for iOS- just what I had in my mind.
I must confess, I give lot less time and preference to the blogging than I shlould/meant to. And when I write something I dont release it soon (not good). This makes article stale, irrelevant and remain in draft stage, forever.
This bad habit of mine is about to change. In fact it’s gone already. I’ve decided to push my post as quickly as they pop in my head. I took an inspiration from Seth Godin’s blog, that blogpost doesnt need to be long and thorough. In blogging, freshness and relevance matter more.
So here on you might see me micro-blogging on this space, thanks to wordpress app for mobile.

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