Productivity boost: Rotate the monitor to portrait mode

One of the best productivity hack, I’m fond of is rotating the widescreen monitor into portrait mode.
I highly recommend this on your workstation/ production computer. For media consumption such as watching movies, pictures etc widescreen horizontal display is suited. But if you use the computer for work and content creation (blogs, forums, word, excel, emails/outlook etc) portrait mode would benefit you a lot. Just try it on your regular monitor and see the difference. Let me know about your experience. At first it may be bit awkward but later, I’m sure you’ll find increase in productivity. šŸ™‚

Portrait mode of monitors

Buying Dell’s (swivel, tilt, & pivot/rotation enabled) ultrasharp monitors has been in my wishlist for years. But c’mon! It’s twice the price of regular LCD widescreen. So if you dont want to shell out extra for the flexible stand, you can literally rotate your monitor by 90 deg.

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