Rural rant

I’m adding new flavour to my blog. A new category dedicated to my rural rants, life at countryside and philosophy.
I’m born and brought up in rural area of a third world country. And I still live in the same village that my great great grand father migrated and settled to.
People or living beings migrate for good. Most of the times they migrate because they see better prospects and better life than the one they’re currently living in. They say that those who migrate, progress in life. I want to question that belief. I want to try, and I want to prove that you can excel in life even living in rural area. Yes, I know many have proved that & I dont have to prove anything new, but I want to make it even solid. Your  location is irrelevant to achieve excellence. & by the way did you read “the world is flat” by Friedman? Anyways I think I’m going off the topic here.
So the point (and purpose) of this post is expect me talking about rural life some times. 🙂
see you.

One thought on “Rural rant

  1. Pritam

    To reinforce what you just said, I wanna share my opinion.
    I think people live in city live lame life of 9to5 office job while people from rural area always come up with something interesting to do in life.


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