should I kill Johny CAGE?

I have been thinking about it since long. And it’s not unusual! I killed many of the brands that I created… it’s a cycle and I love doing that.
Creating an identity,
-then killing your own brand.
-To start from the scratch;  once again.
But Johny CAGE is very close to me and has almost become part of my life. Ironically it WAS part in the real life and now it’s in virtual world of cyberspace too. So there are less chances of me chucking this name 😉
Couple of years back when I started blogging on blog*spot, I deliberately chose my identity as JohnyCAGE and then had decided not to disclose my real name. Well! there were (are?) some reasons as to why I didnt want to reveal my real identity real /family name. Unless I do anything significant I thought I would go with Johny CAGE. I had completely different plans about blogs and I end up doing something different. But ultimately I cant deny the fact that johnyCAGE made me famous(?). and chucking this name is high risk game. I dont fear of starting anything afresh. I have been doing that since childhood but I fear of copying the brand.

So I think I will keep JC with me…

hoosh I am still in dilemma. whether to go by my real name now onwards or continue with JohnyCAGE? It’s a genuine concern because I am entering into new domain now.. where nobody knows my earlier existence. Had it been GMAT I would have definitely continued with Johny C.

Anyways I am still thinking on this gibberish issue… you ‘ll get to know my decision soon 🙂

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