Some more changes in blog layout

As you can see I have transformed my blog to much interactive version.

Yeah ! The main attraction I have added is chat box aka shout box.
I have also removed my PhD blog list and wannabe PhD bloglist.
(…errmm maybe i ll write a special article for that.)

but right now time for some introduction to ^fam^ -^shout-box^
I have launched this feature for some reason:
** My haloscan system is still not compatible with the new blogger and also
** I see many visitors bump over my blog by searching on the web for something they want; apparently I am not sure whether they get the desired information they wanted.

The best solution for this I thought is a chat box. Visitors now can come to my site read the stuff and can leave a comment instantly; in a flash it will appear on shout box.
You can tell me “what brings you here” maybe I can help. 🙂

To make life easier:
Note that the latest entry appears at the top.
I have taken screen shot and written some comments on it.
check the picture and make sure you click “refresh” text above “Go” button.

Rest of the features are easy tell the story itself. smilieys and help links are also available…
Yeah! I agree that initially it’s bit complex but it s not a rocket science. and as i said definitely easier and faster than the comment system blogspot offers.

So guys, what are you waiting for? just go ahead and hit there.
lets chat!! :))

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