starting social tourism

Tomorrow I’m going on trip to attend Agricultural Expo by at Pune with my father. By its advertising and marketing efforts I’m sure that it’s going to be India’s largest agri-show. It’s a 5-day expo with lots of programs and agro-products promotion. We’ll be visiting the venue on 17th, the 2nd last day of the exhibition.
The reason I’m writing this post and mentioning my travel details is we’re doing something interesting here. No, no, we dont have any stalls there… And I’ve no big interest in such exhibitions anyways. But we’re going to visit few more places nearby.
We are planning to visit आधुनिक उर्जा ग्राम Adhunik Urja Gram (The Mordern Energy Park) by Mr. Chandrakant Pathak. It’s located on Bombay-Bangalore Highway NH-4 between Lonavala & Pune. I’m looking forward visiting the place and meeting him in person. I’ll be travelling and meeting such people who’re involved in rural development, social services, alternative technology, environmental issues much in coming year. Yeah! didnt I tell you in my last post, coming year is going to be exciting! You may call it “social tourism” in Marathi I call it Samajik Paryatan सामाजिक पर्यटन!
I think I’d have more to write once I personally visit it, mean time dont forget to check my biking routes and other details… I have made special post for that using Google Map

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