Surfing dude wanted- hiring young talent

If you know someone (male or female) who’s looking for job near my residence (where I live, Gholvad/Bordi area) you can help me connect to him. I’m looking for a young talent who can work with me on some projects at my home office. I’m pretty flexible & dont have strict criteria as such… but following is my preferred choice.

  • Should be Graduate or diploma holder (preferably BSc-IT/BCS?)
  • Has sound knowledge of computer operating
  • Good at internet surfing
  • HTML web programming such as PHP (knowledge of PHP, javascript will be bonus)
  • Should be curious and have desire to learn (and adapt)

If you find someone with ANY of above points, send him through. Spread the word across your network and maybe we can find some talent around… I hope you already know my mobile no. Please callĀ  me first instead of send the person directly. Thank you.
This post is made exclusively for my local friends. It’s actually a cross post copied from my Facebook Notes (which, I know, will do a better job than here) But I’m posting it for my own record as I dont trust FB much, also it’ll get lost in my fb notes… so for the records. Although I dont think, I’d post job-openings for my business on my personal blog but this particular job is for this domain ( itself and not for my engineering firm.

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