testing it on cell phone

its not working on cell phone.
I tried to add a new article related to GMAT and world MBA tour which is coming to Mumbai this July, a quick link actually, through my opera mobile browser but dont know what s the problem…

Anyway I guess I’ll have to stick to my PC for sake of blogging at least

3 thoughts on “testing it on cell phone

  1. Rohini

    Hi aim,As you can see,we are a new company about to launch our product in India. Since you are such a big name in the GMAT community,we were wondering if we could interest you in a sample product of our company in exchange for some personal feedback. We are about to move out of beta-testing and are looking for some real-world feedback. We are confident that the Indian GMAT community will benefit with our product and hopefully, you’ll like it enough to blog about it too :-)That would be a big bonus for us!Please feel free to contact me at rohinib@gmatscratchpad.com If you would like to receive a free sample, please do mail in your postal address.Thanks

  2. Neo2000

    Man saw your post on BTG and thought abt getting in touch.I see you’ve also been contacted by the scratchpad people. Going for it? I’ve asked them to send me a sample so let’s see how its like. Get in touch man

  3. johny cage

    I had no access to internet till now.I’ll get back to you guys.Neo2000, give me a week, I’ll reply to you.


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