time to wrap up.

Its time to move on.
Yeah! its time to say bye to the blog for some days …may be some months.
I really have to add some value to the blog before I quit blogging.
So have to finish Jack’s GMAT case study.
I apologise, those who have been waiting for my comments on Jack’s GMAT story.
I received good responce from one of the online boards i might publish peoples comments here.
But first i have to post the other unpulished parts of Jack’s story.
I earlier had some trouble with my PC, then with my blogspot then with my unpublished posts…(suddenly they disappear) & then with my inertia…
now i am done with all these i ll publish the remaining part by tomorrow.
Thankyou for your patience.
I know it was late from me publishing the case study… August end was the ideal time to publish that story.
Today if you read the case it might be too late since the application last dates are round the corner you cannot take risk now to analyse your GMAT mistakes or re-take it ….
of course it varies with case to case so just cut it.
Also a note for those who come here from Dave’s MBA weblog
Do not mis-understood and count me in race for MBA class 2009.
I have no intention to plan it this year & not for couple of more years …
I think, Dave added my blog link there because he didnt find any other suitable place for me
hee hee
I will be back by January 2007.
& will take the GMAT oh i mean Beat the GMAT.
till then all the best to all bloggers who are applying for next fall.
& all the best to all those who are going to take the GMAT.

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