Updates, I'm alive

I haven’t updated you guys since long, I know. But I want to let you k now that I’m online, active & alive. Just that blogging is too time consuming in this jet-age. so I more often do micro-blogging rather than updating this blog. As you can notice on this site itself you can follow my tweets and connect me via facebook.
That doesn’t mean that end of this blog or website, but I’d add posts here when I have something significant to say. In fact I’m in the process of adding many static pages to blog. Notice resources, & GMAT books recommendation pages? they are in html, I’ll add them in this blog and also, many other resourceful webpages in pipeline.
On personal front: We’ve got new puppy (male dog). He’s cute & looks just like fantya, the dog we had 10-15 years back. I named him twitter. For naming actually I used the social media. Asked this question on Gtalk status, orkut etc & got tons of responses….(Ah now I feels like Chris Pirillo ๐Ÿ˜› ). My cousin suggested that name & I really liked it. So I’m not acting like a zombie anymore. yep check profile page to know my current hobby/habits/interests ๐Ÿ˜‰
On Amrute’s website front: I’ve just renewed my domain to year 2012. So we dont have to bother much about those issues now.ย  Also I just had shoutout at Amrute orkut community to invite amrute to this website. So I expect some signups as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
On beat the GMAT front: yes, Eric & David are fine tuning the website & new revamped website will be open by this weekend, 15 Nov. For time being you can check getting started at Beat the GMAT page.

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