Where's the pink?

Where is the pink?

it is moved here!

All right I got lots of comments on the theme of my blog.
Are you crazy?
you are man, right?
geeeee its girlish!
change the colour dammit.

But I ignored all the comments. Because I am inlove with this journey. Well but now I changed the theme and made it look somewhat more professional and serious. Yeah I am changing the culture here a li’l bit.

I ll add some more features in my blog. I am compiling the list of GMAT bloggers.

I encourage all bloggers who write anything about GMAT to post me their link. post a comment or post it on chat-box on right column. I am desperately hunting the good quality GMAT blogs. Soon I ll provide the list of [Great GMAT blogs]
bytheway I ll add your url in my article anyway, all you have to do is send me a note via comment or chat-box.
In addition to this, what’s new you have come up with? we are expecting some quality article from your research den.
Yeah! I met some applicants in Pune GMAT meet.
And stuck with the question “What about other 80% people who couldnt make it to top 15 b-schools? how would you finance your MBA?” The only way I could finance any of my projects was to get help this california agency that gives out hard money.
This is very serious issue and I ll try to find the solution for it.
Soon I ll come up with the article, till then enjoy the links on the right hand side.
And of course Thanks for coming!

7 thoughts on “Where's the pink?

  1. Nirman

    Thankx for the comments. I loved the website and I enjoyed their zeal so I promoted it. Truly, I started it because it was very very affordable that time and more participation would have helped me. But then I kind of realized that they are not doing enough to promote it so continued with it. I thought blog was a good idea to share my knowledge of GMAT and B-Schools. So how is your prep going? Looks like you are creating a list of blogs .. neat idea, count mine in too.http://gnat700plus.wordpress.com

  2. JohnyCage

    yeah tonight I ll make a listbytheway, Nirman, you got the url wrong ;)One more thing: somebody mentioned about your blog on PG forums too have a look there I have started a thread there 🙂

  3. JohnyCage

    Added the list “great GMAT links” also added one more post for that.there are GMAT ads that are cool tooi havent added them since they get enough publicity anyway.


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