Follow up on resolution

This is a follow-up on my previous post about my resolution in 2018. Today is a good occasion (my birthday) to ponder on what I had decided and how much I reached towards my goal.

Each of my four resolution deserves a detailed blogpost with some insights and learning but here’s glimpse of what’s going on and how far I am.

1. Workout & Stay fit: I did a couple of medium treks without a sweat! So, I am fit & have been fit but I had lost a confidence whether I could run/sprint for more than 30 seconds, whether I still have stamina… This resolution was more about joining some gym and getting a proper work-out routine. & yes, I did that. After checking out with dozens of gyms I finally decided on one and started my gym membership. Once on treadmill, I started building my stamina and done some 3-5 minutes sprints. So, there’s some progress there. I haven’t gone into body-building and weight exercise but I’ll start that soon.

2. Alternative Investment: I have been quite active in trading last couple of quarters and have found some unique investment opportunities. Although this is not how I had planned in Jan-2018 of investing in startups like Angels ( or building a portfolio etc., this definitely falls in alternative investment. And I indeed became on angle for a startup. On a second thought I can still explorer Angelist, that option is open, but the ROI/money is not quick nor guaranteed.

3. Make something: I don’t remember of making something this year. I finally purchased soldering kit & fixed some bluetooth speakers (along with my father, we did it together!!). I also purchased a hot melt glue-gun, but that product is a rip-off. They should remove the word ‘glue’ or I should dig more to get actually sticky cartridge, which would stick like soldering /welding in case of metal. I guess that’s the closes I have been. As far as the open source project goes I haven’t short-listed any idea yet (You can share one). I need to build a shade for car parking that could be my DIY project this year.
Plastic Recycling
4. Solid Waste management: When I had posted about it in Jan, I had no clue of how things work, how solid waste it treated/processed/recycled if not sent to dumping ground. I know the seriousness it holds and thus started with first step. Earlier this year, I visited Dharavi’s plastic garbage shredding and recycling industry and bit relieved that there’s hope!

To summarise, I have not reached 50% of goal but the resolutions are still alive and I’m getting there. I should post an update in December before the year ends. Meanwhile if you have any comments to share (especially #2 a startup idea/project, #3 DIY/IoT projects for me, #4 how I can contribute on solid waste management) feel free to email me or post a comment below.

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