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Google AdSense celebrates 10 years

Today I received a Thank you mail from Google AdSense for staying with them for 10 years. It seems just like last year when I started my blog on blogspot.com and enabled Google Adsense for blogger. Although I’m sure I’m not AdSense member since the 1st year of its inception (definitely not blogging since 2004); I can pretty much say that I enjoyed higher CTR back then. (-meaning that it must be ~7+ years with Google AdSense) 😉

To celebrate this, they are launching AdSense 10 week Masterclass (or what they call AdSense 10 Challenge). It is an open-course and 10 week long covering most topics related to promoting, optimising and analysing your webcontent. Now I always wanted to utilize AdSense, but never seriously invested time for it. In the process, I learned a lot but not created a success formula with adsense. It’s the time, Google is inviting for their online AdSense free course. Why not take advantage of it? I guess I’m getting used to MOOC now. Last week, I participated in Youtube’s creators academy & learned a lot in the MOOC. Today I also got ‘certificate of completion‘ from @YTCreators. The youtube course is now open and self-paced (no time restrictions, no community involvement).

Also learned the long form of MOOC that is "Massive Open Online Course".

L K Advani banned on my site

I just re-launced my google ads just below the nav bar. & one thing I did right after lauching it is banned L K Advani’s political campaign on my side. My visitors from India reported that it’s annoying to see L K Advani’s ad on every website which has ads powered by Google Adwords.
It’s very unlikely to encounter this ad if you’re not browsing from India as it’s pretty location specific ad. And it was never published on my blog anyways. But now that I’ve again started google adsense service I made sure that this ad is not on my blog. It seems that BJP/LKA has invested a lot of money in this ad campaign as every second website has this ad irrespective of the content of the site.
It’s nothing about politics, I’m not against BJP or anything, I dont even want to send anti-BJP message through this blog but that ad is just too much. It irritates when you visit any website with Indian content, you see close up photo of Mr. L K Advani; (I know, had it been Angelina Jolie, the brand ambasador of BJP, I would not even have typed this post. 😉 ) & it just dont stop there, you’re most likely going to see spams through emails in your inbox.
Anyways, I already have received many negative reviews about it.
On personal front, my PC is on repairs so I wont be blogging or writing long posts on forums but I’ll be around & keep on tweeting…