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What's on my bookshelf

I’m not a bookworm and I don’t remember the last time I purchased fiction … it must have been five years since I glued to computer screen and ditched books but I still cherish what I have. I keep my books organized and tidy. So just for the records I made a quick video about the things on my bookshelf.
You might notice that I deliberately missed few very popular books such as freakonomics by Steven Levitt or Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I tried to cover the books which are rare and not much known. Now, of course there’re some GMAT & MBA related books here but I’ve talked in depth about those; it’s not a GMAT books review video by the way. (maybe some other time).

I know you would not understand my accent well, so here’s commentary/ transcript:

Let’s see what’s on my bookshelf: Starting from the top what you’re seeing, right now, here are some over-sized books. It’s an encyclopedia of engineering workshop in Marathi language. It’s rare and one of a kind book, but it’s not well marketed and distributed so it’s not much popular or easily available. Second: it’s visual encyclopedia- good for kids, informative, entertaining.
RC 2- chemical engineering; (Richardson & Coulson’s Chemical Engineering Volume 2) it’s very important book for your graduation studies in chemical engineering. I bought it for fifty rupees (50 Rs.), the retail price is actually about four thousand Rupees (4,000 Rs.) but I bought it from the ‘withdrawn-section’ of British library.
…Then again few workshop handbooks- comes handy for gears manufacturers and workshop owners in general.
These three books- actually it was a big thick book- Unit Operations by McCabe & Smithbut I tore it into three parts for easy reading.
…Then again few chemical engineering books from my college days.
OK. Let me open the window… yeah, it’s much better now.
Then there’re some magazines that I subscribe,
Entreprenuer… they just arrived, India, last year. Then, chemical engineering world by Jasubai media. Again some engg & business related magazines that I subscribe.
Below here are some English aid books: Reader’s Digest How to write and speak better- very interesting book. Then webster’s thesuarus; my favourite Oxfard Advanced learner’s dictionary. Then, it’s reverse dictionary, Marathi-English Then vocabulary, grammar. And then, it’s a pocket dictionary, my sister bought it for like ten Rupees. Then there’re some fictions & non-fictions & fiction: Sherlock Homes’ hardbound complete all stories. Then, I haven’t read most of these books… recently started Papillon.
And below here; I’ve got some GMAT books, MBA preparation books and Management… Kotler Keller’s, & 10 day MBA, yeah I recommed this highly for those who don’t want to do MBA or those who don’t want to spend two years studying MBA. Then, Jack Welch, Tony Robbins, ok, Jack Welch again.
So I’ve got telephone and a diary. And below here’ I’ve go fax machine and printer- ‘all in one’.
And here we’ve got another gem from Reader’s Digest- it’s a ‘complete Do it yourself manual’ for construction. It’s a box-book; in first part it has got theory and instructions, how-tos and second part is project gelleries. So all projects with nice pictures are in this section & theory and how tos are here. It’s nice, it’s a gem.
That’s it nothing else to show, thanks for watching.

800 GMAT by Kaplan is now Kaplan GMAT advanced 2009.

When I was preparing for GMAT back in 2005 I used to refer books from the library. I could not afford Official guide (yes, it was expensive!) also OG was not popular in India then (?). Talking about India, the only foreign brands which were/are popular here were Kaplan and Barons. And whenever I used to check for Kaplan’s GMAT 800 book, it was unavailable. Strangely, I checked 2-3 public libraries and most booked/engaged book among GMAT test prep books was Kaplan’s 800 GMAT !

Of course it was students’ favourite book! (& mine as well) FYI, that was the first book I purchased for GMAT preparation. It has magical number ‘800’ and a note that says that it’s meant for highly studious and those who want to excel their score to 99th %tile. Oh yeah! so even if you’re not that scholar, by buying this book you feel like you belong to that league. That’s the typical mentality & I was no exception. But I had already done quite a lot of research about GMAT test prep books and Kaplan 800 GMAT was the right choice for me.

Anyways, coming back to the news, as you already might have guessed by reading the title, Kaplan’s 800 GMAT is no more available in stores and it is replaced by new book GMAT advanced. So if you’re currently preparing for GMAT and already have GMAT 800 book, dont buy Kaplan’s GMAT advanced, because content wise both are almost same. To investigate, I checked Kaplan’s store on their website where the book was not available, I was suspicious because I could still locate GMAT 800 in Amazon with really unrealistic price!

Finally this confirmed by the Kaplan representative from GMAT online forums, that both books are same.

gmat books reviews available now

This blog post about recommended books was long overdue, I have been asked about books and material several times by GMAT students, so I thought, I should write a special article exclusively for it.
That page, for GMAT books recommendations and review is finally up; (yep, the same page you can access through nav bar above!!) Still there’re some more books I should review. I will do it once I get more time for this. Thanks for the patience.
I’d also write review for beyong GMAT phase (that is MBA admission, b-school research & life at b schools phase) There’re plenty of books out there which are worth reading even if you’re still at GMAT prep phase.

Stay tuned for more reviews 😉

Indian IT MBA applicants, Google adsense & more

Some updates from my side.
I am leaving for a special course which will keep me away from cyberspace for 10-15 days. But before I leave I’ll add a new thread on the forums. It’s about Indian IT Males applying for MBA to various b-schools. Check it out in b-school in general section it will be up by tomorrow morning. (Done now. check it: Indian IT Males MBA applicants )
Also there are some changes I have done in my blog layout. I have removed “partner blog” part from the column. Also I have added list of recommended books for MBA preparation. I felt to add it as application season is coming soon it would be beneficial to the readers. I would recommend to buy these books. Some of the books will help you in long run, not only will help you during the application process but also during your actual MBA course. Well! you can check the amazon reviews if you don’t trust me.
And last but not the least: I have removed Google advertisements from this blog. I just said “not the least” right? it’s a big move from my side. I am worried if it hampers my blog writing motivation (?) But what the heck! I have decided to get rid of it.
Back to Indian IT Male thread,
I am looking for the right picture which could convey my message, which is what delaying this thread from its birth. It has made exclusively for Indian IT Males, one of the largest pool of MBA applicants each year who apply to various business schools. The trouble with these fellow applicants is their average GMAT score is higher than their counterparts. Yet they are so out-numbered than any other group of applicants that they are considered to be commons and hence their higher GMAT score doesn’t matter anymore.
Remember your high GMAT score can make you competitive and keep you in the race but lower GMAT score, especially for this group of applicants is detrimental & devastating for their application. Some times I think for Indian IT Males, higher GMAT score is a must, even though, ironically, it doesn’t matter to their profiles. Sorry if I confused you by that, you can post your doubts in that thread. Unfortunately I am not available since tomorrow & I am thus initiating thread and leaving it to our members J who would further take it. I’ll be back in 12 days by 22nd September 2008.
…Till then All the best for application. I know it’s coming close…
PS : I think I’ll start the thread anyways without uploading a picture. Although I still believe that adding a picture would convey my message even more clearly I think it can be added later…