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Deheradun Express burns near Gholvad Dahanu Station

19019 Mumbai Bandra Terminus Deheradun Expres caught fire between Dahanu and Gholvad railway stations of western railway. The train was scheduled to halt at Dahanu Road on 2:17am in the morning.
I live in Gholvad, so I could get first hand information. I got up early in morning at 4:30 due to police siren. This is very unusual for small and calm village. I thought of police chase, but later came to know about the accident (the siren must be of ambulance). Three boogies caught fire, the train came to halt promptly, thanks to gateman’s on level-crossing between Dahanu & Gholvad who quickly reported this to driver.
All national news channels on TV are covering this incident. They should better know.
I may update this post, as I get more first hand information. Still, watch TV for latest news.

How to draw custom layer lines accurately on Google Earth.

Google Earth offers border and road lines on maps. It provides up to secondary administrative regions (actually ternary if considered international/country-level border as primary, state-level border as secondary and district-level boundary as ternary layer). If you want to dive deeper you’ve to rely on local maps from books or atlas.
If you have something specific that you do not find on Google maps or any other online maps available, and you want to add it on your map especially on Google earth and save it for future reference; here’s HOW TO for creating your own map lines & borders¬† accurately on Google Earth using old-school tracing paper technique.

You need:

  1. A PC (a computer with as big screen/monitor as possible)
  2. A tracing paper (semi-transparent white paper)
  3. Pencil (or pen)
  4. sellotape
  5. Google Earth software
  6. Internet connection.


  • Sketch detailed map on your tracing paper for your desired area.
  • Open Google Earth app and place tracing paper on user monitor screen.
  • Use sello-tape to glue on the screen. (This requires two persons.)
  • hold the paper and click on ‘add path’ on google earth.
  • Mark the path, name it and save it.
  • There you have it! remember the location where you’ve save the file, it must in kmz format.
  • DONE!

The best part of this kmz file is, it’s tiny, you can send it as attachment and your friends can open it and see it on their PC. Just like I’m now sharing the same file that I created on the above snap.
You would definitely notice if you open the Dahanu Border I created using authentic maps and tracing paper.¬† download Dahanu Tahsil border in kmz format! Notice the area in picture above? It’s my taluka place Dahanu, and am uploading this file for all my visitors. Google failed to sketch Maharashtra-Gujrat border and Dadara & Nagar Haveli area properly.
Also if you’re a Google Earth fan, share your work or comment below.