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All new favicon for our site & blogging network!

Yeah, I’m really excited to finally put favicon/logo for this blog, parent site and all blogging network.



Notice that the picture is of five hands with “V” sign (sign of victory) together forming a star. A start team! šŸ˜› ~~ ah! enough of philosophy~~
This jpg picture I could convert into ico file using a fantastic site called favicon.co.uk, where you can convert picture files into icon files with any size you want. I chose 32×32.
So new start mark you can now see on top left of web browser or RSS contentsĀ  feed.
There’s one more note I wanna share, in wordpress run blogs you have to upload favicon file in your theme’s main folder and on root directory, so that you can have it appeared on your rss list too.

Beat The GMAT changing its skin

A big change is about to be seen at Beat The GMAT website, that’s what the founder announced yesterday. Change in which manner and to what extend is still a suspenseĀ for everyone as the announcement doesnt reveal muchĀ as what to expect. Though I’m not among everyone because I got a mail from BTG to sneak peek the new Beat The GMAT site.
According to Eric, it’s a major, major, MAJOR change for BTG. And I can senseĀ that thisĀ change and transition means a lot to him.Ā As a part of BTG team, we’reĀ looking forward to this transition.
Apparently all other online GMAT forums seem to have changed their skin recently! Changes in fonts, colors, background, the width of website, navigation bar (the top bar you usually see at any website) and overall UI (User Interface).
Check out :

  • Pagalguy.com (the portal as well as forums)
  • GMAT Club (Home page changed but not forums)
  • Score Chase (still as confusing as earlier but changed UI for sure šŸ˜‰ )
  • And there are some more MBA admission related websites who’ve made changes in UIs

Ā They all have changed, but I’d say, it’s a minor change, just a little bit changes in UI, that’s it. But when I talk about Beat The GMAT it’sĀ a big change! yeah as founder said, it’s a major major MAJOR change.
So, what’s this change is all about?
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