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How to choose a web host

I have been researching on web hosting providers available since more than 3-4 years. And even today whenever I’ve free time or whenever I get distracted I click on those web hosting ads while surfing around. I researched a lot but I dont regret it.
When I decided to move my blogs to personal website, with my name in url, I had to buy sever space to host my websites/blogs. And to do that I had to choose the perfect web hosting company.


I was very cautious while selecting and finalising the web host service website where I would run my websites from. So I looked as many webhosting firms as I could & searched for bad or negative comments. I was looking for a service provider with zero negative remarks. I think that was easy to scrutinise because you find at least one bad comment from un-satisfied customer anyways. But it was not quick task as there’re plethora of webhosting service providers, plus there’re resellers and local agents. It’s a big market for website hosting, online server and data center industry.
I had few criteria already set that brought down the number by almost half.

  • I wanted shared hosting server.
  • I wanted a webhost account where I can park and host multiple (preferably unlimited/ 10+) domain names.
  • I wanted great customer support and “online chat” feature was must.
  • I didn’t want to use local service providers of any Indian resellers in general. (yes, Indian webhosting companies have long way to go before they could provide the worldclass service.
  • Basically I wanted flexibility, freedom, support, so Yahoo was out of question.

However there’re general selection criteria, such as, Checking whether the webhost only host clean websites or not, else you might end up in the blacklist of Google/yahoo etc. If your website using shared IP address, your emails might be treated as spam & directly go to junkmail box if other websites on your IP are ‘spamming around’.  There’re are special webhosting companies who host pornographic, warez, file-storing websites, which involves heavy traffic and needs lots of storage space. Better stay away from them.
I’m not claiming that these are the best rules (/criteria) to select a webhosting services. You can have your own selection criteria, it can be different but the point is you should list what are your needs and what exactly you’re looking for and I’m glad that you’re reading this page now. 🙂 The reason for researching before deciding your web hosting service provider is the commitment period is usually long, if you pay for long-term *say more than 1year rather than paying per month, you’d save atleast a dollar per month with most of the shared hosting.
After a lot reading on net and research I signed up with BlueHosts shared hosting.
Bluehost is safe, reliable, best in support, pre-sales queries, literally 24×7 costumer care by online chat. You get flexibility to do anything on your website, e.g. run forums, blogs, photo gallery, all scripts are automatically installs and are free of cost! So, what are you waiting for? I’ve had a dream of running my own website & I’m doing it at affordable cost with bluehost!