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Scholarship for GMAT preparation & MBA application

We are back to scholarship season. I just love this period of the year, I start promoting the scholarship competition & BTG starts receiving applications. This year is no different. Beat The GMAT forums is been doing this since four years and it’s always bigger next year.
This time we’ve doubled the cash price to $500 for each five winners. Manhattan GMAT awards full fledged GMAT course to all winners. (worth $1500 !!) But the prizes from consultation service varies with the rank of the winner. Stacy Blackman Co. is sponsoring consulting for MBA admission & b-school applications.
Rest of the things are the same as usual. Eligibility criteria, application details/format, the essay questions and even the due date! You can verify the details on the official page Beat The GMAT scholarship.
Five winners will be chosen by the panel of Beat The GMAT, Manhattan GMAT & Stacy Blackman Co.
For further information, hints and tips, you can bump this blog back & comment or if you’re member of the forum you can put your queries directly on the 2009 GMAT scholarship forum.
Now that you’re here anyways: let me give you the essay questions of this competition. All the best guys. :thumbsup:
Two/three essay questions:
1. (500 word limit): Why do you deserve this scholarship?
2. (300 word limit): Why do you want to go to business school?
3. (300 word limit) OPTIONAL: Are there any special circumstances you want us to mention? Examples: financial need, major life event etc.

MBA Fast track scholarship by Veritas Prep & Beat the GMAT

This is the last month to submit the scholarsihp application for Beat the
GMAT scholarship. I have talked about it earlier on the other blog
But I think that
was before it renamed to a new title. I want to reiterate if I havent mentioned it somewhere before that the scholarship competition is open for international applicants as well. Anyone can apply: US or non-US applicant.
Check out the details:

Beat The GMAT is an MBA discussion community that exists to help people
achieve success on the GMAT and business school admissions by connecting them to
world-class resources. In this spirit, Beat The GMAT is proud to host the Beat
The GMAT/Veritas Prep MBA Fast Track Scholarship competition, co-sponsored by
Veritas Prep. Thanks to the generous donations made by Veritas Prep, we will be
distributing five scholarship packages valued over $20,000!
The deadline to submit your scholarship application is September 1, 2008.

& let me provide you the requirement. You need to submit two essays & one optional essay.

Essays Responses:
500 word limit – REQUIRED: Why do
you deserve this scholarship?
300 word limit – REQUIRED: Why do you want to go to business school?
300 word
limit – OPTIONAL: Are there any special circumstances you
want us to consider? Examples: financial need (proof of financial need
highly encouraged, e.g. latest pay stub), major life events, etc.

For further details I follow check out the official web page: ( click on the title of this article.)

& if you want any hints click here: http://www.beatthegmat.com/the-beat-the-gmat-veritas-prep-mba-fast-track-scholarship-f26.html

Scholarship Beat The GMAT

“Never Before Mega scholarship for GMAT studies on cyberspace.”
…that’s my new signature in one of the GMAT and MBA related forums.
But now I think I have to modify it a bit. Scholarships are not just limited to GMAT aspirants. Thanks to generous Stacy Blackman Co It has something to offer for beyond GMAT test too.
I salute generous Forum site who’s launching this Scholarship. ( And also the sponsors Manhattan GMAT and Stacy Consulting Co. )
Well! the name is none other than Beat the GMAT. As you must have known by now by reading earlier parts [Part-I] and [Part-II] of this article, about the site and its community involvement.
To-day, I am really feel proud of being part of it.
This year’s annual BeattheGMAT scholarship is, as I said earlier, gonna be bigger and wider than before. I call it Mega Scholarship.
Here’s a sneek peek of What scholarship comprises of this year.

  • The competition is running from April1- May 7.

Gosh! its gonna be huge!
( Total price money is going to exceed $8000!! )

  • First Price:

GMAT registration
One full Manhattan GMAT course
4-hour consultation with Stacy Blackman Co.

  • Second Price:

GMAT registration subsidy ($150)
One full Manhattan GMAT course
1-hour consultation with Stacy Blackman Co.

  • Third Price:

GMAT registration subsidy ($50)
One full Manhattan GMAT course
1-hour consultation with Stacy Blackman Co.

  • Fourth Price:

GMAT registration subsidy ($50)
One full Manhattan GMAT course

  • Fifth Price:

One full Manhattan GMAT course.
[PS] Beat The GMAT and sponsors might change some details @ scholarship so please refer to the link provided at the title.
Check for updates here: http://www.beatthegmat.com/scholarship/
Thank you.

BeatTheGMAT! [part I] the scholarships

There are so many GMAT preparation websites. Most of them provide quality content. And then threes are some fake websites. Lets not talk about those sites. Lets assume all renowned GMAT preparation sites and forums are genuine and provide quality content.

Among them,

· there are some sites who charge $$ to their prospective clients/ students/ GMAT aspirants/ members for the so called premium content they provide.

· Then, there are some semi-free websites who provide mediocre content to their general members and premium quality content to their ^VIP^ members.

· Then, there are some sites that are absolutely free. They share everything; all content / material with their members.

· And finally, there are some sites who provide not only all content/ material free of cost but they also offer $$ to their members.

Wait wait wait!. Does this fourth category really exist?

If yes then I am in!!

Yeah! Dig more and you’ll find that there are no such sites present on the world wide web except one…the name is beattheGMAT!

Yeah! You heard it right. Its www.beattheGMAT.com

BeattheGMAT! Offers monthly $mini-scholarship$$ and two mega yearly scholarships to GMAT aspirants who are members of the site.

So register now!