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Smile in the sky

Last night had a treat to the eyes as we experienced the get-together of the Moon, the Venus & the Jupiter.
Yes, if you remember my yesterdays tweet, you’d noticed that I mentioned that city people cant really enjoy such eyes treat. But this one was exception, it was clear and sharp that even in Mumbai people could take pictures & clips of the incidence.
But from rural place like Gholvad, of course I could see better; I wish I could take better photographs & upload them but they all were too shaky. I finally made a video clip of that which I might upload on youtube. but for time being you can enjoy this Clip from someone else.
If you’re curious to know which one of them is Venus & which one is Jupiter, I’ve some hints for you. Don’t be too smart to apply your books-knowledge here or go by figures & statistics & ‘sizes’. In reality, it’s exactly opposite ;).
Yeah! you guessed it right, ironically Moon is smallest among the three & Jupiter is largest still it looks weak…. for obvious reasons.