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Global warming will eat my home first

It’s been raining since last three days at my village. (drafted article on 23 July) and I wanted to take video but couldn’t successfully make a good clip, (I told you, I’m not good at this)
So posting my past clipping from Youtube.
Also check the photos I could shoot after rain stopped, I live near sea shore & Arabian sea is eating our compound fence… 🙁 Check the photos I could shoot after rain stopped (better see slideshow in full-screen F11).
The photos taken from my Skydrive folder below.

year 2070: lets learn from the future

This slideshow really MOVED me. The files has been on my desktop since quite a while. It’s one of the forwarded mails I got some years back. But I think it’s very unlikely to be found on other PCs.
The reason is it’s sad tone. well cant deny you got to face the reality, right?

The inconvenient truth: Global warming by Al gore

Today, I just watched the award winning documentary by Al Gore. called “The Inconvenient truth”. & I just couldn’t stop myself to blog about it. (PS: I am shocked, thrilled and moved & I am gonna buy few DVDs of this film and distribute among my friends and closed ones. That’s the least I can do (for now).) My father had got the opportunity to watch it on the flight two years back & he insisted me to watch it too.. it’s highly recommended!! Although it’s bit late from me to watch it but as they say better late than never 😉
The problem is that people take this as a political issue & start debating over it with their prejudice mind. We should understand that it’s a global issue. beyond democrats or republicans, it’s beyond politics; it’s not pertaining to particular nation/country; it’s about our mother earth; it’s about global warming.
I’ve been conscious about this issue since my adolscence and more since I entered into engineering college. But from now I think I’ll make conscious and constructive efforts to change.
The documentary is so stimulating, inspiring and convincing that I am just gonna buy few DVDs of this film and distribute among my friends and closed ones. That’s the least I can do (for now).
And following is some more interesting material I can share: It’s the study material. Actually can be used in schools for 9-12 grade students But there’s no harm if you read and learn it; it’s fun 😉 But it’s recommended to watch the film first. For those who’ve already seen it, go ahead and share it; better print it. .I know we tend to forget thing a lot early than we believe. Apparently they have a dedicated website for this film: The incovenient truth