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Download free GMAT 1000 series documents.

1000 series documents for verbal studies, are free study materials with literally tons of practise problems.
The documents were made by ScoreTop.com, the premium online GMAT forums that is now sued by GMAC.  If you’re curious about “When, why and how GMAC banned it?” you should visit scoretop.com site itself. It is history now and people, especially other GMAT forum administrators learned the lesson from the case. We at Beat The GMAT been following story. This thread cautioning users not to post Scoretop material or even visit the site will shed more light on the matter.
History apart there’s no doubt that 1000 series document used to be popular among GMAT students. I receive several requests for these documents each month, so I’m making these available to all fellow MBA aspirants. According to the source, these documents are actually the compilation of GMAT type questions, taken from several sources, including OG, official guides for GMAT review, which has retired, real GMAT  questions. The Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension (CR & RC) sets have questions borrowed from LSAT & GRE as well, making it very huge list of problems.
Did you know that 1000 RC doc has 3000 problems not 1000!! Follow my 1000 SC/ series related articles and you’ll find more info about these also you’ll notice that I do not actually recommend these materials. Nevertheless, they’re good if you dont wanna spend any money and want loads of practise problems.
Check following posts to download respective files.

Note: I do not encourage you to use live GMAT questions for you GMAT preparation. (Live questions are those which are recently tested in GMAT exam, which are still float on GMAT question bank. ) I’ve removed password protection from these files. Now they are easy to download. Enjoy!

1000 SC series RIP

This post is dedicated to the thread I once started to compile all the questions of 1000 SC document, which would be discussed on Beat the GMAT forums.

The purpose of starting the thread was not to encourage GMAT students to use 1000 SC document but was just to give them ready reference to the other threads where the respective question from 1000 SC are discussed in the forums. It was for benifit of forums’ members. But now it’s not a sticky maybe because of some reasons
The questions are taken from GMAT sets JJ. (which was once a product of ScoreTop.)
Beat the GMAT had not created that document is not associated with 1000 SC in any way. In fact this document is available for free even before BeatTheGMAT was born.

vhooosh!! I think I’ve talked a lot about these stuffs here, on my GMAT blog or on some GMAT related forums( TestMagic &/or BeattheGMAT). I cant help it as many people ask about 1000 SC, CR documents, their credibility, GMAT sets & then questions like what’s JJ or what’s GMAT sets… and all sorts of rumours or realities. I think I’ve had enough of replying or responding to it. It’s kind of banter chat and has no substance in it; so now I have decided not to talk about it anymore!

Oh yeah! that reminds me to one more “hot topic” of which I am really pissed off reading over and over again. May be I’ll talk about it on my next article .. perhaps for the last time. The topic is : first 8 question myth 😆 :thumbsup:

GMAT forum, ScoreTop banned by GMAC (?)

Well that was about to happen!

Though the news came bit late (than expected) and eventually it came when I was away from the GMAT world. (I mean, you can guess I was away as I was not blogging about GMAT and preparation stuff.) And therefore I couldn’t post an article about it. I think I dont have a valid source now to back this article. Anyways lets hope that the question mark in the title of the post will keep me safe. 😀

ScoreTop is GMAT preparation company which owns a forum ( I have mentioned about the forums on my blog on several occasions). ScoreTop give (used to give) question bank, known as GMAT sets to its ^VIP members^. The “GMAT sets” arguably used to contain contemporary questions that would most likely to come in real GMAT test.
They had high hit rate and perhaps thats why they are still famous in GMAT preparation industry eventhough they are no longer being published.

Some things better keep unsaid…. anyways but it was suspecious. and eventually it happened. At least thats what I heard from some other GMAT strategy forum.

1000 SC, CR are they worth your time?

They are very famous documents. Yes they are famous and there are lots of reasons for it.
But being famous doenst make them nice.
All right, so lets see whats these documents are upto!
If you are checking my blog regularly, you must be knowing that some months back I made an announcement that I’ll exhaust 1000 SC document & I’ll provide the explanation of their questions. Yes! I tried that but while I was in process of eating 1000 SC document I observed many things about the document that I’d like to share here.
But before that, what’s the fuss? What’s 1000 SC & 1000 CR all about?
1000 SC is a compilation of thousand sentence correction problems related to GMAT exam. Similarly 1000 CR is a word document of thousand critical reasoning problem related to GMAT and LSAT tests. They were produced by very renowned company called scoretop ( you can see the link of the scoretop forums on right hand column of my blog, )
They are easily on internet on sharing/ uploading sites such as esnip or megaupload or rapidshare well you might find some copyrighted documents on such sites but these documents are even available on various (almost every ) GMAT related forums the reason for this is they’re meant to share it across the world wide web.
I am sure you’ll find them anywhere.
So, they are popular. And have so many problems to practice, that GMAT aspirants download them and use them.
Well even I did the same.
[Now before I go ahead I must thank score top for compiling such huge documents. These documents, since available for free on internet, helped and are helping many people who can’t otherwise affort to buy premium GMAT study material.]

But the problem with 1000 SC is that it doesn’t give you the explanations to the answers. That end us up in wondering why given particular answer is correct.
As I started solving 1000 SC problems more & more I realized that the problems are not that ^GMAT like^.
If you compare the 1000SC problems with problems from Official guides or Power Prep or GMAT prep you’ll realize that they do not follow the same trend, or similar style or what they call GMAT like.
Many constructions are bad awkward and they simply arent worth your time studying.
Morever I started a special thread on one of the forum encouraging people to post the problems from 1000 SC that have wrong answers.
Take one, for example, Problem #985 discussed in one of the forums where I am active member.
So there are some problems like these where the answer given in the document is actually wrong!
I am looking for some more such problems. but then I think is it worth the time?
The answer come : NO. You have other good materials that you can refer.
SO the bottomline is refer to OG 11th edition; exhaust it, you have GMAT-Prep, solve every problem also there are similar official materials such as Power Prep & other books Purple and green official guide (refer to How to Approach GMAT & GMAT strategy for more details )
& still if you think that you need some more material to practise then refer them back exhaust OG 11 twice.
& then you’ll be able to know which are GMAT like problem then you can safely start 1000 SC
PS: I think special article for 1000 CR is not worth, same can be said about 1000 CR or 3000 RC. However good (or a bad) thing about these other documents is: they’ve included LSAT type problems which are good for practise as they’re considered more difficult than GMAT types. So one last tip before wraping up: go for LSAT problems for higher level 🙂
Thank you.
You can download these documents from here.