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DataFox updates

I wanted to make a post exclusively for this firefox addon called datafox. I was looking for the reason…
It’s very critical addon & comes very handy to monitor your bandwidth usage. It’s my most favourite add-on of firefox.
This applies to all BSNL’s & MTNL’s broadband subscribers. I know there are hell lot of you out there who use BSNL’s DataOne or MTNL’s triband.
It’s new version update 1.7 hence the post. If you dont have this addon  grab it now from the official site.
Note that this is a firefox addon & you need to use Firefox browser to leverage this monitoring tool.
(You can download the firefox by clicking on the its image on the right sidebar.)

L K Advani banned on my site

I just re-launced my google ads just below the nav bar. & one thing I did right after lauching it is banned L K Advani’s political campaign on my side. My visitors from India reported that it’s annoying to see L K Advani’s ad on every website which has ads powered by Google Adwords.
It’s very unlikely to encounter this ad if you’re not browsing from India as it’s pretty location specific ad. And it was never published on my blog anyways. But now that I’ve again started google adsense service I made sure that this ad is not on my blog. It seems that BJP/LKA has invested a lot of money in this ad campaign as every second website has this ad irrespective of the content of the site.
It’s nothing about politics, I’m not against BJP or anything, I dont even want to send anti-BJP message through this blog but that ad is just too much. It irritates when you visit any website with Indian content, you see close up photo of Mr. L K Advani; (I know, had it been Angelina Jolie, the brand ambasador of BJP, I would not even have typed this post. 😉 ) & it just dont stop there, you’re most likely going to see spams through emails in your inbox.
Anyways, I already have received many negative reviews about it.
On personal front, my PC is on repairs so I wont be blogging or writing long posts on forums but I’ll be around & keep on tweeting…

GMAT boot camp, Bangalore.

Crack verbal is launching a GMAT workshop this month.
It’s a four day session a boot camp in weekends of February. You can check the schedule for more detail.
If you are in Bangalore, preparing for GMAT, can afford fees and if weekends suits you then there’s no reason you should not attend this session. Go ahead and register yourself.
I’ve not met Arun J personally but I know him online since ages and I can guarantee you’ll never regret your decision of attending his GMAT workshosp.

Pagalguy Case study

For all those fans of pagalguy.com it’s a moment of pride.
Being the prospective MBA students, I hope you all know what business case study means. (& what it meant to be the case study itself 😉 ) Definitely a proud moment as I consider myself once associated with pagalguy forums…
I heard last year that IIM Banglore is making a case study on Pagalguy.com. but it was not made open to public. Now it’s available & you can read who document here: http://www.iimb.ernet.in/~gprabhu/pgcase.pdf
There’re a lot of take aways from this document a lot to learn for any dot com startups or those who want to build a social networking sites etc. Although I already knew alot about it, as I’ve been watching the site closely since years, there’s great analysis and data in there. worth reading.
For those new to this site & pg, I’m tempted to write more about this company and its founder Allwin Agnel. So I’m just gonna copy-paste the stuff I wrote about him sometime back…

Allwin Agnel is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs I have ever seen. His innovativeness on launching an online forum at the time when such technology was not much known to the audience & his creativity of constantly adding new features/tools to the portal & forums, Pagalguy.com, made it one of the MOST INFLUENCIAL websites for MBA aspirants. It’s not just a forum; it’s more of a community which go beyond online sharing of knowledge. I personally, made (a lot) more social contacts via pagalguy forums than all other social networking sites combined. And without selling any product to its members, he made a business model which is generating revenue & positive cash flow. (Something which web2.0 founders stuck to figure out). He’s an excellent motivator and a role model. Despite the fact that handsome jobs are raining in India, I am astonished to see, how successfully he created a great team at Inzane Labs and attracted more talented HR. It’s always a dream to work with him.