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Joining hands with IIC


Internet Infrastructure Coalition

Joining hands with Internet Infrastructure Coalition.
This week I attended WHD.India where I got opportunity to talk to David Snead of I2Coalition, the public interest body for the internet and its culture. I learned that something similar to I2Coalition is coming to India & I’m looking forward to be part of it.
The current website has these banners that you can use to help spread the word and promote the effort.

webhosting affiliates commission fraud.

I just received an email (the spam) offering me $40 just for signing up to new web-hosting company.
Here’s the transcript of the mail I got:

I will pay you $40 to your PayPal within 24 hours if you sign-up with a web-hosting website for just $0.01 with your own PayPal.
You just have to spend $0.01 from your PayPal to earn the $40 from me by PayPal.
Are you interested ?
If yes …..
1. Then plz go to : [ http://www.commission link] and on that page on the left-below, you’ll see a plan called “Personal” and a little below it, there is an
“Order Now” button. Click on it.
2. Now click on the “I will update my nameservers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain.” radio-button. After that remember one of the domain
name you own and enter it in the blank field saying “www”. Then click on “Click to Continue”.
3. On the next page, click on “Add to Cart”.
4. On the next page, enter the coupon “1CentPersonal” (without the double quote) in the “Promotional Code” field. And then click on “Validate Code”.
5. Then you will see that the Total price has come down to just $0.01. (The $6.99 fee is to be deducted from next month and you will cancel this subscription
later on) Now click on the “Checkout” button.
6. On the next page, fill up your details. Then click on “Complete Order” button.
7. On the next page, on the top-right you will see a yellow-coloured PayPal subscribe logo – click on it.
8. On the next page, log on to the PayPal.
9. Here you will see that the website is charging you only $0.01 and a small monthly fee of $6.99 payable after 30 days. This is a subscription. That website
will automatically deduct a monthly fee of $6.99 from the next month.
IMPORTANT NOTE : You will accept this $0.01 payment and the $6.99 subscription (payable after 30 days) for the time being only but after 7 days, you will
have to cancel the $6.99 monthly subscription, so that I can recover my affiliate fee from that website.
10. After you have paid, plz go to the website and browse the website for 5 minutes and then log out.
After this, plz send me an invoice of $40 by PayPal to me to [email address] and write your email adress with which you have signed-up with that
website in the “Message” field (so that I can verify whether you have indeed signed-up or not) and within 24 hours, I will pay you $40 to your PayPal.
Thax and have some action ! Happy earning !

[The name of the spammer]

You can see the ad on this website about BlueHost webhosting, yes it’s one of the ads I publish on every page of this blog. & it pays more commission per signup/conversion than this spammer offers so it means that anyone can do such spamming & make money. Most of webhosts I know who offer affiliate programs pay more than this spammer has to offer (~$65) So, I think web hosting companies should make more robust plan to stop such loop holes.
I hope you’re hearing bluehost!! (My webhost) 😀