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Twitter added colour in my life

I’ve been living my life like a zombie; twitter came and added colour in my life. Believe me, not that I mentioned about my life earlier, Twitter changed all my schedule and working activities.
Yes, I am talking about my pet- dog, the puppy is merely 4-5 months old. Can you believe that after watching this video? We are teaching him few commands, apparently not in English, unlike most of the dogs out there who only understand English, our Twitter listens to Marathi instructions. Oh yeah!
Well, I”m also talking about twitter.com the website. (in fact that’s the reason I named my puppy twitter) I’m so greatful to the founders of twitter who build such a nice application & all twitter coders who used its API to make it more popular.
Twitter helps you discover so many interesting people from around the world. And best part is it gives you the opportunity to successfully interact with them. Seriously no other communication medium, website or tool had such accessibility. Imagine emailing/IM big corporate guy or any celebrity & expecting reply!! Now you got my point, right?
So if you still are not on twitter, what are you waiting for? Join now! & Follow me there! I promise I may not answer your phone calls but I’ll reply you on twitter. // 😉 //
For starters, here’s an introduction to the twitter from horse’s mouth, the founder of twitter & blogspot Evan Williams

Amrutes Amrite? interested in free website & email

Hello my dear Amrite fellas,
I’ve finally created a form through which you can send the sign up requests.
Click on the Home button from the nav-bar to see the details or directly go to the Submit the form page
Or you can wait for my new post in Marathi, perhaps my first post in Marathi on this blog. (I’ve already created couple of pages in Marathi for Amrute.Me but in this blog I’ve never scribed in Marathi.)

Amrute.me now working

The parent site of this blog, that is Amrute’s website has now some content, finally.
I wanted to add some pages ever since I registered this domain. But never got extra time. Now have added some webpages in Marathi, To my surprise I see ads in Marathi on these pages. (didnt know Marathi Google AdWords) I also want to add some Youtube video for demos, will do that in next few months. So far it’s looking good as it’s blended in the same theme that this blog is using.  Remember the theme is for grabs now. Go get it if you liked it!
Maybe it’ s time I should remove ‘under construction’ note from here & add some helpful links. Though I still want to add some more pages… & upload some photos etc. but will do it side-by-side…