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Microsoft Office 365 for iOS not available outside USA

Microsoft has released ‘Office Mobile’ for iOS. It’s linked with Office 365 subscription model ( Home Premium $99/ year, per user for upto 5 devices). I’ve been waiting for the native and official MS office app for iOS for long and this is just what the doctor ordered.Β  20130616-110412.jpgOf course it’d not be as comprehensive as fully featured desktop software or mobile app that we have on WP8 (office app for Windows Phone 8 has more features obviously). The “office mobile” is not optimised for iPad and not made for android devices yet. But (I don’t have those devices so I care less) I eagerly clicked on the link as I read Office blog from my iPhone only to find that the ‘Item is not available
The Office app is free to download but is only listed in US app store for iOS.

The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Indian Store; but it is available n the US Store. Tap Change Store to view this item.

That’s the pop-up message I received.
This is so not fair and so ironic when you promote cloud computing and sell on-demand, go-anywhere, access-anytime, software-as-a-service (saas-based) office 365 subscription service.
Do we have Office 365 subscribers from India? What’s your take on this?

windows 7 here to stay [part: II]

I just made a ^fanboy^ post about Windows 7 with their advertisement’s tagline that windows 7 was my idea. Certainly it was my idea and it’s exciting toΒ  see that idea come to life.
I used windows 7 beta version and then I again used windows 7 RC version which not going to expire sooner.Β  And I’m pleased with the progress. I can discuss what’s new in windows 7 & which features impressive, but I know there’s already thousands of pages written about it. So I’d simply suggest you to visit windows website. I heard that windows 7 breaks the pre-order volume records of harry potter’s 7th book at Amazon. So, yes we have been waiting for this operating system since long…. since we fed up with windows XP, and sorry windows vista was disaster. I’m so glad that I never bought it and/or installed it on my PC.
Incidentally if I look at my OS upgrades trend, I’ve skipped windows operating systems and used alternate upgrades.
Since the beginning I used:

  • windows 3.1 (Oh yeah I remember my early school days πŸ˜€ )
  • windows 95 never used it, & never heard of it πŸ˜›
  • Windows 98 used for looooooooong time on my own PC as well as on others
  • Windows 2000 I know whats coming in your mind winMe> doesn’t qualify to be listed πŸ˜‰
  • windows XP yes, always. & still will. on netbook maybe.
  • windows Vista I specifically bought a new laptop which doesnt come the vista pre-installed.
  • windows 7 I’m using it RC version. & I’m pretty much happy with it.

I see the same opinion shared on a tech/web forum where people more than 70% people voted said Vista sucks and they’ve been waiting for newer, better/another OS (now windows 7) from windows. Do you have a choice? of course not, well unless, if you can play around with linux…
But I know windows 7 is here to stay, I’m not saying this because it’s newly launched, I could have said this for vista couple of years back. I’m saying it because I’ve used it. And I’m looking forward to it.

windows 7 was totally my idea. [Part: I]

I’ve been using windows since I started using computers. I had never worked on other platform/ operating systems. But we are so familiar with windows and I know there’re hundreds of thousands or may I dare say millions of people who are with me and share the same opinion.
But do I have a choice?
Of course there had been many features missing or there had been lots of things that could have been presented in a better way. Well, I had an idea and microsoft listened! Windows 7 was totally my idea! (& so was many of us) check the following video for the proof πŸ˜›

And the here’s the one I relate to. I’m currently building home network setup. and windows 7 definitely gonna help here.
Oh yeah! I’m a PC & windows 7 was my idea!
PS: Part: II coming soon about the details of windows 7 and things I liked.