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QIK is shutting down.

Qik a video sharing & live broadcasting mobile app from Skype is closing its service. & You have no choice but see your videos being deleted.
In past, I had tested this app for performance, quality & lag. I livestreamed it on qik.com and uploaded directly on youtube without editing. (Switch captions-ON if you dont understand my accent)

As you can see in above video, it doesnt have any noticeable time-lag, also it never crash on me. It had many features & ‘was’ pretty stable app. The app is no more available in the app-store & the service will be terminated by 30th April 2014.
This is very disappointing to hear the news. I was a fan of QIK because I found the app quite useful broadcasting quick messages and announcements & because there’s no better alternative to such service… you cannot livestream/broadcast your video directly from mobile. The mobile app from livestream.com is ridiculous & is only made for consuming the content.


There’s no option to download on left side. nor you can upload the video on youtube.

Although they’ve suggested in FAQ, that you can download your files or upload to youtube directly. I do not see the option in my dashboard. I should download/move my video files before they discontinue the service. [click on the image for detailed view] There’s no download option nor share on ‘youtube’ option is active. Qik was acquired by Skype which is acquired by Microsoft. You can guess who to blame here. But must thank Skype as they brought qik on iOS app-store. But keeping all doors shut when house is burning is totally unfair. I wish I’m wrong, I should investigate further.