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WindowsPhone 8 owners get 20GB more SkyDrive space

The Windows Phone 8 owners have more to cheer for this Christmas. Today I received an email from Microsoft showing some love for me purchasing Windows Phone 8 device. They have offered 20GB extra space in SkyDrive storage for 1 year.  *something similar you get if you’re an MS Office 365 home premium subscriber.


All WP8 device owners- claim additional 20GB SkyDrive storage space as Enthusiast bonus!

Unfortunately for me my Office 365 premium subscription neither gave me Skype world minutes nor 20GB+ SkyDrive space. The MS support rep suggested me to restart (cancel and start again) my 365 plan to rectify the error. Well, I didn’t restart my office 365 home premium service & stopped its service. To make it up, I got this email first thing in the morning! Thank you Microsoft. I hurried redeem the code & claimed the extra SkyDrive storage.
& what do I see? Oh yeah, baby! 45 GB of SKYDRIVE with 20GB as “Enthusiast bonus!” Now don’t be jealous, I’ve been a loyal member of SkyDrive & using it since 25GB era.

[Update] Mobile office for Microsoft Office365 is now available for India

Microsoft corrected their mistake and made available mobile office for most of the countries (including India) within a week of its release.
We noticed Microsoft office’s app on top 5 free apps in Indian app store.But unfortunately for me (& all those old iPhone owners.) the app is only available for iPhone 4 or later devices. The error message says that “This app is incompatible for this iPhone” & needs front facing camera.


God knows, why MS Office needs front facing camera! Even Skype the premier VoIP service doesn’t have such obscure requirement for its mobile app.

Microsoft Office 365 for iOS not available outside USA

Microsoft has released ‘Office Mobile’ for iOS. It’s linked with Office 365 subscription model ( Home Premium $99/ year, per user for upto 5 devices). I’ve been waiting for the native and official MS office app for iOS for long and this is just what the doctor ordered.  20130616-110412.jpgOf course it’d not be as comprehensive as fully featured desktop software or mobile app that we have on WP8 (office app for Windows Phone 8 has more features obviously). The “office mobile” is not optimised for iPad and not made for android devices yet. But (I don’t have those devices so I care less) I eagerly clicked on the link as I read Office blog from my iPhone only to find that the ‘Item is not available
The Office app is free to download but is only listed in US app store for iOS.

The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Indian Store; but it is available n the US Store. Tap Change Store to view this item.

That’s the pop-up message I received.
This is so not fair and so ironic when you promote cloud computing and sell on-demand, go-anywhere, access-anytime, software-as-a-service (saas-based) office 365 subscription service.
Do we have Office 365 subscribers from India? What’s your take on this?