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Why Online Office365 cannot insert OneDrive files directly?

I use Ubuntu OS and simplest way to use Microsoft Office suite on linux is Online Office 365 -accessing via Onedrive.com or Office.com. Having most of the important files on OneDrive, I’ve no problem switching from device to device (or between different Operating systems). Although LibreOffice (which comes out of the box with Ubuntu Desktop) is pretty solid and has more features than MS OfficeOnline, I rather prefer online office365 as it automatically saves files on OneDrive.
But Online Office lacks a major feature. While working on document online (on a web-browser), you cannot insert files/pictures into document from your cloud storage (ie. OneDrive). I was shocked to find that its missing! This feature is so obvious that Google Docs has this since years. You can insert images from your Google Drive to spreadsheet/presentation/doc -without having to upload anything from your local machine.
C’mon, Microsoft! How could you miss this? Now I have to download some of images stored on OneDrive to my computer just to insert and upload them on my Word/PowerPoint document!

Microsoft beats the competition by 1TB offer on OneDrive

OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive), the cloud storage from Microsoft now offers whooping 1TB of data storage to its premium subscribers. Earlier 1TB space was only offered to Office 365 for business and SkyDrive Pro (now OneDrive for business) subscribers. Now the offer is extended to Office 365 Home & Personal subscribers as well. This change makes it 1TB available for every paid subscriber of Office 365 irrespective of its plan and size of the organisation. (something Google i/o 2014 announcement for unlimited Drive storage doesnt offer for lower plans -you’ve to pay $5/month extra to avail that offer, also, small organisation are not eligible for unlimited space on G-Drive.)
onedrive-1tbI’ve been a loyal member of OneDrive since the beginning when they used to offer 25GB of space for free users. From time to time, I’ve been given extra space on OneDrive in the name of ‘loyalty bonus’ for using Microsoft’s products and services (including WindowsPhone 8, OneDrive on mobile for camera roll backup, Office 365 etc.). And this tiny bonus pleases me, makes me write blog-posts on it and promote their services for free. But this new offer beats it all. This is no more a ‘tiny addition’, this is game changer. You get 1 TB straight, (1,024 GB) makes my enthusiast bonus (20GB), loyalty bonus (10GB) & camera roll bonus (3GB)so small and negligible! Sigh!
OneDrive has increased the free quota from 7GB to 15 GB. So when you sign-up at OneDrive you get 15 GB of storage space on cloud to start. (Same as Google Drive is offering to all Google Account holders for free.)