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Brief bio about me

In filling some form I was asked to write a brief bio about me…   I really liked what I’d written there. So I am sharing it here. I never wrote seriously about me anyways so here it goes….

Pranav juggles many roles at a time. He is engineer by profession and has setup a bootstrap startup engineering firm with his friends. While staying at village, believing in decentralisation philosophy, he looks after his retiring father’s fabrication workshop and agricultural farm.
He’s webmaster by hobby and blogs about GMAT and general stuff occasionally. His interest lies in social enterprises, government schemes/initiatives for social change, ^going green^, magazines and internet (& yes! web 2.0). In past time he designs/makes useful articles by re-using useless trash. follow him on twitter @johnycage

Man! am I getting self-obsessed? or have already become one? 😛