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QIK is shutting down.

Qik a video sharing & live broadcasting mobile app from Skype is closing its service. & You have no choice but see your videos being deleted.
In past, I had tested this app for performance, quality & lag. I livestreamed it on qik.com and uploaded directly on youtube without editing. (Switch captions-ON if you dont understand my accent)

As you can see in above video, it doesnt have any noticeable time-lag, also it never crash on me. It had many features & ‘was’ pretty stable app. The app is no more available in the app-store & the service will be terminated by 30th April 2014.
This is very disappointing to hear the news. I was a fan of QIK because I found the app quite useful broadcasting quick messages and announcements & because there’s no better alternative to such service… you cannot livestream/broadcast your video directly from mobile. The mobile app from livestream.com is ridiculous & is only made for consuming the content.


There’s no option to download on left side. nor you can upload the video on youtube.

Although they’ve suggested in FAQ, that you can download your files or upload to youtube directly. I do not see the option in my dashboard. I should download/move my video files before they discontinue the service. [click on the image for detailed view] There’s no download option nor share on ‘youtube’ option is active. Qik was acquired by Skype which is acquired by Microsoft. You can guess who to blame here. But must thank Skype as they brought qik on iOS app-store. But keeping all doors shut when house is burning is totally unfair. I wish I’m wrong, I should investigate further.

WindowsPhone 8 owners get 20GB more SkyDrive space

The Windows Phone 8 owners have more to cheer for this Christmas. Today I received an email from Microsoft showing some love for me purchasing Windows Phone 8 device. They have offered 20GB extra space in SkyDrive storage for 1 year.  *something similar you get if you’re an MS Office 365 home premium subscriber.


All WP8 device owners- claim additional 20GB SkyDrive storage space as Enthusiast bonus!

Unfortunately for me my Office 365 premium subscription neither gave me Skype world minutes nor 20GB+ SkyDrive space. The MS support rep suggested me to restart (cancel and start again) my 365 plan to rectify the error. Well, I didn’t restart my office 365 home premium service & stopped its service. To make it up, I got this email first thing in the morning! Thank you Microsoft. I hurried redeem the code & claimed the extra SkyDrive storage.
& what do I see? Oh yeah, baby! 45 GB of SKYDRIVE with 20GB as “Enthusiast bonus!” Now don’t be jealous, I’ve been a loyal member of SkyDrive & using it since 25GB era.

Open docs cars project

If you’re a car enthusiast, follow auto industry news; read car/automobile /commercial vehicle magazines; take part in online discussion; stop by Discovery Turbo channel or watch weekend TV shows such as Overdrive (CNBC/IBN etc.); keenly watch market trend or maybe curious about Indian auto industry trend; I’ve a feast for you. I’ve been following motor industry since quite a long, whenever I stumble upon newspaper/magazines store I buy some Car related magazines. Don’t make me start cars but to confess, I belong to above group of people & I’m sure there’re many more people crazier than me out there.
Update: GTO of TeamBHP forums is doing great job in mining and sharing the sales stats with the world. http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/111873-november-2011-indian-car-sales-analysis.html I now see no use of doing same thing, great work there, GTO!
Just for fun, (yeah, part of my hobby & pleasures) I’m collecting all sales data of all cars sold in India. To keep the data organized, easy to handle, analyze and study; I’m starting a new spreadsheet and uploading it on the cloud (simply on the internet). It’ll be made open for public and people can view or download it. Further I might allow people to edit the document sheet so that other viewers can contribute. Like the open source, right? (but ironically on windows server; yeah! It’ll be on Skydrive to be precise.) I’ll also post guide on how you can collect monthly car sales data and contribute to spreadsheet. Detail post follows once the document is uploaded and made accessible to public. And given my blogging rate, you can estimate when it’d be up! 😛 😉
That’s heads-up. If you’re interested in contributing as well, drop me a line below.  And if you know any motor-trend enthusiast: spread the word. Lets see where it goes, it could be big, who knows! I’m making such doc because it’s not there on the internet, or at least that is what I think; if you happen to know such data readily available on the internet for free please comment below.

Global warming will eat my home first

It’s been raining since last three days at my village. (drafted article on 23 July) and I wanted to take video but couldn’t successfully make a good clip, (I told you, I’m not good at this)
So posting my past clipping from Youtube.
Also check the photos I could shoot after rain stopped, I live near sea shore & Arabian sea is eating our compound fence… 🙁 Check the photos I could shoot after rain stopped (better see slideshow in full-screen F11).
The photos taken from my Skydrive folder below.

Yahoo briefcase is closing!

…just a month to download all your content stored in Yahoo Briefcase!!
Yeah! I logged in to Yahoo Mail after more 2/3 days, this is very unusual but I was on travel so couldn’t check the mails.
Now what I see, the new mail from Yahoo, about the shutting down Yahoo briefcase feature.
I’ve been Yahoo user since I started using internet and I’ve been loyal to them.
Yahoo briefcase was one of the unique feature Yahoo had. No email service provider dot com had this feature available to its users for free. So I am sure there must be plenty of them, old timers like me who had been using Yahoo briefcase. 
It’s really sad looking at the Yahoo cutting each of its feather (oops I mean feature)  one by one.
It was Yahoo photos, now it’s Yahoo briefcase

Dear Yahoo! Briefcase user,
We will officially close Yahoo! Briefcase on March 30, 2009. Until then, we are offering you the opportunity to download your files back to your computer. You need to take action before we close, after which any files remaining on Yahoo! Briefcase will be deleted and no longer accessible.

To access your Yahoo! Briefcase account, click the link below:…..

Yahoo used to offer 30MB storage space. I remember email storage rage back when Google introduced GMail. Hotmail was reluctant to offer same storage space as its competitors and hence lost its costomers big time (I was one of them) & now when we see, Windows Live offers 25 GB of storage space (known as skydrive) absolutely free to live ID holders, its sad to see the opposite move from Yahoo.