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Taking control of Life [Part -IV Battle at Kruger]

Recently while browsing best-of-the-best youtube videos I stumble upon video below:

Battle at kruger has more than 6 crores views (67 million+ views) on youtube alone. The video is about buffalo vs lion vs crocodile at Kruger National Park located in Africa. Everything you watch and hear in this video clip is incredible, including the comments of tourists shooting the clip. I was stun and speechless for 5 minutes after watching the entire film.dont give up. fight till the end. And it deserved something more than sharing it on facebook or twitter. Yes it definitely deserves a special post in blog.
Although on the surface the film is about wildlife hunting in African jungle, there’re takeaways and it taught me a lot in 8/9 mins. It’s more than a film, it’s an inspiration to live, lessons for life and struggle for existence- the ultimate natural instings of all living beings.
The film is about winning, fighting back, fighting for life and existence, fighting against odds, fighting for hope. Reminded me of that cartoon we ‘share’ & ‘like’ on facebook and used to forward in emails. It recharges you to make a fresh start. In my case, yes I want to come back and start blogging (or start creating /publishing content on the web again. So as I mentioned in Part-I about the new venture it’s about to take off.

Introducing Sales evagelist Karl Goldfield

I recently been introduced to (or been accidentally bumped to) Karl Goldfield’s blog and his video lessons about sales.
To confess I’ve been thinking of hiringĀ  some engineers and giving them sales training; while surfing around I encounter this wonderful blogs and videos which are specifically created for startup entrepreneurs. (perfect for me!)
And then, I’ve started following his lessons, but it was bit tedeous to keep the videos align and in series. so I’m embedding these three videos (which I’m gonna need ?) For my convenience yeah, so that I can have them on one page…
Part I Messaging: Magical 12 words
Part II Messaging: Converting words into Sentences
Part III Messaging: from sentences to stories